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  • Obama to Allow 10,000 Syrian Refugees into US

    by Founder on November 16, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Do you need any more writing on the wall?

    Can the mask be off any further?

    America people need to wake up. Even to this day there are still seemingly educated people, who support Obama – for some reason they just cannot see what he is doing.

    The Paris attacks were horrendous – the work of sick radical Muslims – whom Obama seems to support at every chance he gets.

    Let’s face it people Obama is as Muslim as it gets. He hates our great country. He despises white people. He despises all that America stands for.

    The Obama’s hate the American way of life – but like any good Maoist – he likes the “fringe benefits” of wealth and opulence.

    Over the last 7+ years Obama has pulled out every trick in the book to destroy all that is America. And now his “icing on the cake” will be to allow 10,000+ radical Muslims to enter the country – for the purposes of disrupting society and causing mayhem.

    Obama, just for this one act, should be thrown in jail for treason – but right now he has infiltrated the judicial system with America haters – so thoroughly – that nothing would move through the courts. but really? have we lost our country?

    Are we just rolling over and letting this Muslim radical change our country right before our eyes?

    Someone or something must stand up and stop Obama in his tracks. Right on the heals of the paris slaughter he wants to let these same type of people into our country? Hello!!!

    wake up people the writing is on the wall. Obama is hell bent on destroying our great country and the future of this greatr country.

    Do you have children? Then become a patriot! Stand for your country!

    Stand for Trump. I was talking about Trump before any polls were released, before the campaigning even began – I know he is the one who will stop the madness. remember, no candidate is “perfect” – but you must lay your future on someone. No one is talking like Trump on immigration – no one even comes close.

    Obama wants the Muslims in – We the People want the Muslims out – and blocked from coming in.

    There is more than just Mexicans flooding through our open border – the are radical Muslim terrorists – like Obama – who are bent on destroying you and your way of life!

    What do you think about that? Does it make you want to stand for your country and your children’s future?

    Obama seems to just do whatever he wants – like there are no checks and balances within our government. What is happening – why are there not the appropriate steps taken to stop Obama’s destruction?

    When Muslim attacks start happening in US cities will the sick main stream media be terrified or will the try to protect their master Obama at every turn?

    When the Muslim attacks start happening in US cities – will the sick and demented liberals finally wake up to their destructive polices?

    When the Muslim attacks start happening in US cities will Obama still say that ISIS is “contained”?

    You had better wake up people. If Hillary gets elected it is 4+ more years of the same crap. If we can get Trump in there I believe he can right this ship. It would be the greatest story ever told. How someone saves America from the grasp of a sick, pathological community organizer wannabe dictator :) and clearly “make America great again”!

    Please join us here at Americans For the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Stand up tall for America. Push back against radical Muslims. Don’t just roll over to all this politically correct crap!

    If you love America and all she stands for – then you MUST get out to vote. No messing around this time. Vote the Obama history OUT and the Trump era of tremendous growth IN!

    Make your voice heard today!

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