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  • Obama Wants a Terrorist Attack!

    by Founder on November 19, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Gee, what a shocking statement, right?

    Who would possibly imagine that our own President wants the United States attacked by terrorists?

    But this is what is happening. Our President is a radical Muslim who hates America – just like the other radicals who are pouring in through his open borders.

    Even after the Paris massacre Obama still wants the Muslim refugees to be allowed into the country! He wants America to suffer a terrorist act. His hatred for our great country is so ingrained in him that he is blind to his insanity.

    Every hard working America knows that it is wrong to blindly let illegals pour into our country – yet Obama thinks its great – and compassionate!

    For some reason those in charge have rolled over to Obama and are allowing him to do whatever he wants – even if it puts every American in danger.

    With a terrorist attack Obama can institute his “Marshall Law” that he is dying to do. Another jolt to a power hungry narcissist who can’t get enough.

    Everything Obama is doing is for the Muslims and against the American people – yet there are still idiots who support this person – people need to wake up.

    Obama is an evil man with an evil plan. He could care less about you, your kids or the future of America.

    Obama wants to bring America to her knees and he knows it will happen with all these radical Muslims running around blowing themselves up in crowds – all in the name of Allah.

    Believe me – behind doors – Obama will not shed a tear over the destruction these terrorists want to unleash on America.

    Obama acts like it would be horrible – but inside you can be sure it is what he wants as well.

    Don’t look at what Obama says – only look at what he does. His actions clearly show he is against America and for the Muslims. Yet even though the evidence is obvious the moronic media keeps drinking his kool aid and tries to make everything nice and rosey – even though there is disaster looming – both in a terrorist attack and in the complete financial collapse of our country.

    Why isn’t Obama in jail?

    Why hasn’t Obama been impeached?

    Where are the politicians in Washington who love America, our traditions and our Constitution?

    Obama has filled the courts with Muslims. He has appointed Muslims as his advisers. And he is trying to push the notion that no one can make fun of the Muslims or talk badly about them – ever. He is protecting his people.

    Obama wants the Muslims to take over the country and this has been his goal ever since he was elected back in 2008.

    The American people need to wake up. The stupid millennials who know nothing about government, Capitalism or how the world works – need to get their faces out of Facebook and Twitter and wake the f**k up!

    All you dolts who feel you are entitled to “free” things need to wake up – nothing is free!!! Do you get it? Someone is always paying!

    The America people need to get out and vote these corrupt America hating people out of office.

    Trump needs to get elected and rid Washington of every America hating Muslim that Obama has appointed.

    He needs to rid our country of the illegals and instill Patriotism once again in our citizens. If you want to come here – but you do NOT want to learn English and assimilate into our society – then do not come and/or just throw them out – I don’t care who they are or what their family situation is – enough is enough!

    Obama has opened our borders – allowed illegals to run free, let loose thousands of criminals from jails and is telling radical Muslims that they are welcome here! Throw Obama in jail! And throw away the key! His actions are treasonous!

    Please stand with me and know that Obama is against you. Stand tall with us and make your voice heard!

    God bless America and our great flag.

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