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  • Muslim Attack in California!

    by Founder on December 3, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Here is the beginning folks.

    You can be sure Obama is very happy about this. He wants the Muslims to attack.

    Obama is a Muslim. He has filled every level of government with Muslims or Muslim sympathizers. His plan is starting to come to fruition.

    Obama wants complete chaos in this country – but his time is running out. He only has one year left – so you can count on it – this coming year is going to be filled with problems – all caused by Obama and his pathetic policies.

    Listening to the main stream media is sad. They are trying to pass off that they do not know the “motive” for this attack. I will let them know right now – Muslims HATE America!!!!


    That is the motive! You asshole politicians and media members are complicit to these murders. You all have blood on your hands – especially Obama.

    The media has gone along with Obama from the start – but why? Are they that stupid that they would blindly follow someone who wants to destroy the very country they live in? can the media be this stupid?

    Or do they simply hate America as Obama and his wife hate America?

    Our great country has been under attack ever since the Muslim became our President – and this country is filled with such brain dead morons that they have been supporting him the whole time – even though Obama hates them too! Go figure.

    Muslims want to destroy our great country. These people are sick and need to be thrown out of our great land.

    Yes, obviously, there are some good Muslims – but where are they? Where are the Muslims coming out to condemn theses murders? I don’t see them, hear from them nor are they reported on in the media.

    Obama was the Trojan Horse. America can only be defeated from within and it is Obama’s job to get that done.

    America needs to wake up. If you vote Democrat again you may not even have a country anymore.

    Do you have kids? Do you care about your kid’s future? Do you want to leave a better situation for them than you have had? Then vote Trump!!!!!

    trump will wipe out the illegals and the swarms of Muslims pouring into our country.

    Trump will erase all the bullshit that the America hater Obama has done.

    You must stand tall for America!

    Please join us here at Americans for the constitution and make your voice heard.

    God bless America.

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    joann January 19, 2016

    this is a lie…. the president is not muslim….stop spreading lies…..


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