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  • Ban ALL Muslims!

    by Founder on December 8, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    I like the idea.

    Trump has come out and said that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country – and we should round up those that are here. I like it.

    This is war folks.

    Listen to the pathetic bleeding heart liberals all over the media and even the RINO’s claiming Trump is crazy and it is NOT the “American” thing to do. They would rather allow Muslims to flood into the country – many of which want to kill you and me.

    How are we to tell those “nice” Muslims from the “radical” Muslims? Answer: We can’t.

    Therefore it is only logical that, because of the war ISIS has against America, that we simply ban all Muslims until we figure out what is going on.

    I believe this is going to once again boost Trump – even though it seems everyone is against him. remember who his supporters are. They are the true Americans in this country – people who were born here and grew up here.

    People like me. It is obvious that Muslims are a huge problem in this country. And for the most part they all look alike – especially with their unique garb – so who is to tell which ones want to kill us and which ones want to befriend us.

    At some point in the future these sick liberals will see the light – but by that time it may be too late.

    How many more attacks need there be before people start to wake up.

    Roosevelt had the same type of situation during WWII – and all of America didn’t even question his tactics – but it shows just how pathetically PC this country has become.

    Liberals would rather have more killed than “offend” a Muslim.

    Look at Obama’s speech the other night. he was more pissed off at people who were being mean to Muslims than at the actual Muslims who killed 14 people the few days prior. What’s that tell you.

    Obama is clearly a Muslim – Barack Hussein Obama – can the name itself be any more Muslim?

    Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist who has been sitting in the White House for the past 7 years doing all he can do to destroy America from within – if you do not see this or believe this you are not well informed.

    Just look at all that Obama has done since 2008 and how he sympathizes with the Muslims at every turn. Heck there are even 70+ “no fly terrorists” who have been appointed to Homeland security!

    Did you get that? 70+ Muslims who work for Homeland security! Do you pathetic brain dead liberals comprehend this? Does this bother you at all?

    Donald Trump is the only one with the balls to come out and say what has to be done – everyone else including most of the sick Politicians in Washington are so paralyzed with PC that they cannot fathom this happening.

    So what will it take? another mass attack by Muslims? Maybe two more?

    Let’s face it Obama is desperately trying anything he can to disarm America – he wants your guns. Then he would really be able to kick in his plans – especially if the American citizens are unarmed – but guess what Odumbo? it aint happening!

    This is NOT about gun control – this is about closing our borders and only letting in those who come here legally – period.

    There have been over 100 million guns sold in this country since Obama got in office. There is no possible way that the American citizens are going to give up their weapons – their protection with out a HUGE fight. It just won’t happen.

    America is not Europe. The people here aren’t going to roll over like the Europeans – no way – no how.

    Please America – stand up for yourself, your children and our country.

    Vote in Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and let us make America great once again!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Dave February 6, 2016

    While these rhetorical statements sound good to the layman, they actually play into the strategy of DAESH (I prefer that acronym to ISIS, because THEY hate it).
    Remember, they WANT the war to be Muslims versus America. If we ever banned Muslims from America it would be exactly that… And we would have hundreds of thousands of new enemies to deal with.
    Our strategy should be different. We need to make what America stands for more appealing than what DAESH stands for. Or al-Qaeda. Or any of the other competing lunatic organizations.


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