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  • Vote for Trump!

    by Founder on December 18, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    This is it people. This is where the shit hits the fan.

    It has already been proven that Obama hates America and he is doing the best he can to destroy this great country. Let’s face it Obama should be thrown in jail for all of his treasonous actions – but no one has the balls to do it.

    Hillary is the next chosen one for the Democrats and she would just be the same as Obama. She is a disgusting, corrupt political elite who like wise should be thrown in jail.

    It is up to us – to We the People.

    We must get out and vote. No more sitting at home “hoping” the Republican wins – you have to get off your ass and vote. This is not play time – this is crunch time.

    Those who favor Hillary simply have no clue. They do not study what Obama has done and is doing. They have no idea what is really happening to our country – they are brain dead liberals.

    Donald Trump loves America. Don’t you brain dead fools want a President who actually loves this great country?

    Look at what the traitor Paul Ryan just did. He allowed a budget deal to go through granting the terrorist Obama ll that he wanted.

    Ryan allowed a budget deal that funds:

    • Planned Parenthood
    • ObamaCare
    • Sanctuary Cities
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Syrian Refugees
    • Quadruples the Number of Visas for Foreign Workers
    • The lunacy of Climate Change
    • All Mideast Immigration Programs

    This is an outrage! Why would this “republican” screw the American citizen like this? He should be thrown in jail right next to Obama.

    We the People need Trump.

    America needs Trump.

    He is the only one who says it like it is. Everyone else is paralyzed with political correctness. It is this PC attitude that is destroying our great country.

    Please people I implore you. Foir the sake of America. For the sake of your children – vote Trump and help make America greatr again!

    God bless and Merry Christmas.


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    Questionman December 19, 2015

    Racist, Racist, Racist. There can’t be no doubt Hatred of Obama stems from Racism and Bigotry.
    Why not, admit that Obama’s election brought out alot of racist
    feelings in people that were covert now theyre overt………but blame
    Obama for the reason why they feel this way?
    Donald Trump is your man, attack hispanics, and all muslims, or anybody
    whos not white for that matter…….No wonder Jeb Bush said ” you cant
    insult your way to the presidency”

    You just want a White Man as President again.

    As I said to your “fellow traveler”, cock-eyed, partisan BS! You don’t even have facts, just right-wing talking points. “He doubled the national debt.”?? I thought that CONGRESS appropriated funds and passed budgets. Why don’t you tell me what legislation that the President proposed (or even supported) that increased the budget. (As opposed to Congress, which appropriates and passes budgets). Doesn’t YOUR party have the ENTIRE Congress, now? What have THEY done to decrease the national debt? (Which skyrocketed mostly due to the feckless Reagan + Bush Tax cuts).
    “Unfettered illegal immigration”?? In the real world, he has removed more people from this country than any President in history!! “No vetting”?? You’ve REALLY guzzled the Kook-Aid. The vetting process for the average refugee is a TWO-YEAR process!
    “What do people (non-ideologues) call Obamacare”? REGULATION of the Health insurance industry, just like the Federal Governments regulates commercial aviation, food safety, transportation safety, ad infinitum!
    Nearly two hundred countries just signed up to take steps to combat global warming. Only the delusional Teapublicans still deny AGW.
    As to being a Muslim, Obama NEVER said any such thing! That’s just another RWNJ fabrication!
    But, IF he was: http://thumbnails110.imagebam…. In the real world, it’s abundantly clear that he ISN’T!! http://thumbnails113.imagebam….
    He HAS NOT given arms to our enemies, but if had, there’s plenty of historical precedent for it. Does Iran-Contra ring a bell? How about this picture? http://thumbnails112.imagebam….
    You seem to be up on all of the RWNJ fables. Now you should try educating yourself on actual facts!!
    Edit: As to his “reading material”:… STOP drinking the Kook-Aid!!


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