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  • Trump Will Close the Border

    by Founder on February 4, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Today Obama ordered all border agents to “stand down” concerning illegals crossing our border!

    This is outrageous and if our politicians had any balls they would impeach Obama just for this, but alas they have no balls and simply allow Obama to do whatever he wants.

    In the mean time we hve thousands of illegals crossing into America weekly – unabated.

    Obama should be thrown in jail.

    Who would want this? Other than someone who wants to destroy America.

    Who would want this? Other than someone who just visited a radical Muslim mosque in Baltimore yesterday.

    Obama wants this. Obama wants illegals to run rampant throughout the country – to wreck havoc and to economically cripple our great nation.

    Yet the braindead liberal idiots of this country continue to support Obama and Hillary while they continue to make a mockery of our great Constitution.

    The Democrats want these illegals flooding the country so they can get on the government dole and become dependent on the government for theie subsistance. Then according to the warped thinking of the America hating Obama they will then vote Democrat! This is how bad these losers want to remain in power – they will sacrifice our great country just so they can stay in power – how sad.

    This is why if you love America you must vote for Trump.

    Trump will build the wall and he will shut out these liiegals from coming into the country. He is most likely the only candidate who will actually follow through with this promise.

    Trump will build the wall and he will also deport most of the illegals who are already here – starting with the illegals who are in gangs. I am 100% for thiese actions and pray that it will be done ASAP to right our country once again.

    I don’t care whether the illegals are Muslim, Syrian, Hispanic or whatever – an illegal is an illegal – get them the hell out of our country.

    Illegals are draining our economy by getting on welkfare and food stamps. They are crowding our emergency rooms by using the pathetic ObamaCare for every ailment they come here with.

    illegals will destroy our country and this is precisely why Obama has given the green light for them to swarm in unabated.

    Please vote for Trump and rid this country of the leech illegals.

    Vote for Trump to close our border to illegals.

    Vote for Trump to make America great again.

    God bless America.

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