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  • Scalia Dead – Who Did It?

    by Founder on February 15, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Justice Scalia found dead in his hotel room with a pillow over his head?

    How convenient for the pathetic and corrupt Dems.

    Obama’s attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment, his attepts at abortion and gay rights – anything and everything he does that is clearly unconstitutional – cases that must go before the Supreme Court – these are all now tilted towards the Dems because of the death of Conservative stallwart Antonin Scalia.

    Obama couldn’t get anything done through the Senate – he had to always resort to his “executive orders” – but how convenient would it be for the Commie Dems to actually haveĀ  the balance of the Supreme Court in their favor?

    A pillow over his head? No autopsy ordered? How convenient for the Dems.

    Even before the guy’s body is cold Obama comes out saying he wants to appoint a new justice. How convenient.

    It is my contention and the contention of any true American that there is NO WAY the Muslim terrorist should be allowed to appoint another justice to the Siupreme Court – no way in hell. The future of America depends on stopping the America hater from appointing another highly liberal (politically motivated) justice.

    If Obama is allowed to appoint another justice it is OBVIOUS that the person would be a non American anti-Constitutional liberal who will vote against America and the rule of law.

    Who ordered the death of Scalia?

    The guy was in good health. He was highly animated and energetic in the dinner just prior to his going to his room – but they find him in his clothes on his back with a pillow over his head? Hello!

    Would you put it past the desperate America hating Obama to have this done?

    It would solve all of his problems and it would help fulfill his dream wish of destroying all that is America.

    Scalia was a die hard conservative that was solely responsible for defending the Constitution and actually ruling by the law instead of his “feelings” like the pathetic libs on the bench.

    To me it is obvious this is foul play and it is the sick obama who is behind it all – in addition to the masters who rule this puppet of a President.

    It is well known today that the ruling of America is being handled by others NOT in America. Big money and big power rule the policies in America and the direction they want our country to take.

    America is the last bastion of Capitalism and we are the only country holding back the world leaders from making the world a one world order – controlled by a few.

    They couldn’t do it through the Constitution – they couldn’t do it with Obama – so now they have targeted our Supreme Court.

    The powerful would kill in a heartbeat. Ordering a kill is nothing to them. They are only thinking of their power, their money and their control.

    “We the People” must again rise up and stop this evil in it’s tracks.

    “We the Peole” must vote in an outsider to the Presidency ie Trump.

    Will the elections be rigged? Does it even matter who “We the People” vote for? Is the next President already a done deal? Is it Hillary?

    This is Obama’s last stand – and ordering the kill of Antoinin Scalia – is a last desperate attempt to destroy America.

    Please rise up with me and stop this mad man in his tracks.

    Make your voice heard and stand tall for our great country. Stand tall for your children.

    rememnber there is life after you. It is not all about now and you. Think about the future generations – don’t just think about the lame free stuff the government gives out.

    God bless America and may the lord have a plan – a plan that supercedes the pathetic humans who only think about power and control.


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