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  • Hillary Voters are Clueless

    by Founder on February 27, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    If you are voting for Hillary this November consider yourself in the “clueless” category.

    No matter what your education or occupation – if you are voting for Hillary you are just not paying attention.

    This woman is a corrupt 1%er who could care less about you or America.

    The Clinton Foundation has taken in hundreds of millions of dollars over the years and they have simply used this money as their own personal piggy bank.

    They have taken money from corrupt Muslim countries that treat women horribly yet she says she is on the side of women – she is a disgusting hypocrite – just like most liberals.

    She claims that she wants to continue the Obama “legacy” – yet, since you have not been paying attention, I will let you in on a little tid bit you may not know – Obama has destroyed our great country! And you want to vote for someone who will continue this?

    Hillary is being (supposedly) investigated by the FBI right now for exposing America’s classified information for all the world to hack – by simply sending and receiving this information with just a regular email – yet she has denied it over and over – even though it is obviously true – and her brainless supporters don’t seem to give a shit.

    Hillary’s most egregious act was lying to the four Benghazi families as they stood over the coffins of their killed loved ones. She said “we will prosecute that video maker”. When all along she knows the stupid video had nothing to do with it, rather it was a Muslim terrorist attack that killed these four heroes – as she and the terrorist Obama ordered a stand down so the Americans would be killed.

    Yet the Hillary supporters choose either not to believe it – or they are just too stupid to fully comprehend the implications of her actions.

    What is wrong with you people? Do you hate America? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

    Are you voting for Hillary just because she is a woman? If so you may want to consider this bit of information:

    Her husband Bill Clinton has been accused by countless women of rape and molestation – and you know who came to his defense? Hillary.

    do you know who tried to destroy any woman who claimed Bill raped therm or molested them? Hillary.

    And you will still vote for her just because she is a woman?

    Have you heard Hillary speak? You are willing to live with that voice for the next four years?

    How about this one: Hillary has received over $600,000 from speeches to Wall Street banks – yet she rails about how bad Wall Street is, right?

    Yet she rails about how evil the 1% is, right?

    Do you want Hillary to release her transcripts from those speeches? or do you not care? Those speeches will show her support of Wall Street and the big banks – while at the same time she is rallying against them in public.

    How stupid do you have to be to vote for Hillary?

    The economy is flat, 100 million Americans are out of work, illegals are pouring over our border, 48 million are on food stamps, Obama has destroyed race relations and the respect for police, the ridiculous “Black Lives Matters” movement is going unabated by the President, the Middle East is falling apart, ISIS is running rampant throughout the world – what more do you idiots need to hear?

    Hillary should be in jail – and if the right President is elected ie TRUMP – she will be!

    Wake up people! Please rise up with me and make your voice heard.

    Vote for the Republican nominee and vote AGAINST the corrupt, vile Hillary Clinton!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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