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  • Elites Want Trump Stopped – This is Why You MUST Vote for Him!

    by Founder on March 8, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    The entire government establishment wants to stop Donald Trump from becoming President. Now why would they be so concerned about stopping him?

    They weren’t concerned about stopping an illegal immigrant Muslim terrorist but they are about Trump?

    What does this tell you?

    The more you see the elites and the government establishment try to stop this outsider from becoming President the more obvious it is that he MUST be voted in by the people.

    The elites are scared to death that their power train is about to end.

    The elites are scared to death that their free ride is about to come to an end.

    The liberals are scared to death that their pathetic programs are going to come to sa crashing stop.

    The RINOs in washington are scared to death that their party train is about to end.

    We the People MUST vote in the outsider Donald Trump to ride Washington of all the scum that has been there for decades!

    We the People must clean Washington out and reset the entire government.

    Can it be more obvious to you?

    Look at how the elites are scrambling – having secret meetings – sending out the loser Mitt Romney to try and scare people – they are desperate!

    The people of America have woken up. Thanks to the moron Obama – the people of America are finally mobilizing and attempting to take our country back from the elites and the liberals.

    Look are the media freaking out – even the so-called Conservative station FOX is trying to get rid of Trump.

    This is so obvious people. The more they want him out the more the people are going to vote for him

    I love what is happening and it takes an outsider to do it.

    Please join with us and help get Donald Trump elected.

    They are calling him racist because he is against illegal immigrants! How lame can they be?

    Illegals are destroying our culture and our economy but the loser liberals want to keep them pouring over the borders. What more do you need to know?

    Vote Trump in 2016 and rid Washington of the scum.

    Be sure to vote and take this country back before it is too late.

    God bless America.

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