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  • Will Trump be Forced to Run as an Independent?

    by Founder on March 16, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Will the elites in Washington force Donald Trump’s hand?

    Will the elites in Washington force a brokered Republican convention in the hopes of pushing Trump out?

    Would they be this stupid?

    Would they risk having Hillary guaranteed to win the election? The answer is unfortunately “yes”.

    These sick, pathetic, power-hungry Republican RINO’s in Washington will do anything and everything to retain their power – after all they would be exposed as the worthless bums they really are once they are vanquished from Washington.

    If Trump does not get the required 1237 delegates before the convention the Republican RINO’s are going to insult the American voter even more by telling them (us) that Trump will not be the nominee.

    What do you think will happen then?

    What do you think if the few Washington elites who want to retain power tell the millions of hard working Americans who would vote for Trump that they are meaningless? That their opinion/vote is worthless. What do you think will happen?

    I would think that there will be a revolution – a revolt by all the hard working tax payers in this country.

    trump should then run as an independent – as a third party and we will roll the dice to see if the American people can rise up and vote out the elites and vote in Trump.

    This is a risk we would have to take. It would represent the American people’s last chance to take back our country – the country we all grew up in.

    The trash Republicans in Washington would rather see another term or two of Barack Obama in the form of the disgusting, corrupt Hillary Clinton.

    The people would riot in the street – yet we are not the group that is used to rioting unlike the paid for Occupiers or Blacklivesmatters bunch – no we are too busy working and trying to bring up our families.

    But I have a feeling that if the silent majority is woken up by the blind elites in Washington it will not be pretty.

    This is the reckoning year for America, American culture and our children’s future.

    This is it – there will be no other chance. If Hillary is elected she will continue on in Obama’s failing policies – she will keep her Queen like elite status in washington and the only ones who will suffer – are the hard working tax payers of this once great country.

    Does the Republican Party have the balls ie stupidity to slap the American people in the face? Knowing these people they probably do.

    All I can say is get ready. The shit is going to hit the fan this year – you can count on it.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and stand tall for the Constitution.

    No other candidate is going to rid Washington of the scum who is trying to block the people’s vote.

    The elites desperately want to block Trump ask yourself why.  The answer is that if Trump gets in the party is over!

    No more robbing from the Treasury by the elites. No more lying to the public about growth or unemployment. No more cushy life for these pathetic elites – and they know it.

    This November get out to vote. Rise up with us and make your voice heard.

    Vote Trump in 2016 – whether he is a Republican or not.

    Vote for America. Vote for your children’s future.

    Vote the sick elites out!

    God bless America.

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