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  • Brussels Muslim Attack! Trump Will Stop It! Hillary Will Let it Happen!

    by Founder on March 22, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    What more do you idiots need?

    The US government, the world governments and the criminal George Soros are all desperately trying to stop Trump from becoming president – what does this tell you?

    Trump is trying to close our borders – Obama is trying and succeeding at keeping them open – what does this tell you?

    Clinton lied about Benghazi and 4 Americans died – what does this tell you?

    The pathetic American media is doing all they can to stop Trump – what doers this tell you?

    If you have any type of education along with a functioning brain it should all tell you that the powers to be are against America!

    The Republicans that we voted in are against America!

    The Democrats are against America!
    Obama and Hillary are against America!

    Wake up you morons! We must vote Trump in!

    Trump is the only America loving candidate – who is a non politician. Do you want another politician to try and run this country?

    Look at the sick Obama. he is in Communist Cuba right now supporting Communism while his brothers are blowing up innocent people at the brussels airport – and he doesn’t even blink an eye.

    Let’s face it Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist who has infiltrated America and he must be stopped!  I have been saying this for the past 7 years – but he still keeps plugging away at destroying America.

    Obama is openly allowing Muslims to pour through our borders – and will not allow authorities to stop it or deport them. What does this tell you?

    The protestors at the Trump event s are all sent there by George Soros and his losers – these people rightly so should be pepper sprayed, blocked and thrown in jail – they have no jobs and simply exist just to disrupt the hard working citizens of this great country.

    Are we going to sit back and allow the psychopathic elites of this country stop the people’s choice for President? What are we going to do about it?

    At every level of government the assholes in power are trying to stop Trump from being their nominee – what does this tell you? He must be voted in to save this country!

    The Muslims attacked American Airlines as a symbolic gesture towards America. They are coming you can count on it.

    What candidate do you feel will seal our borders – Trump or Hillary?

    All you loser Hillary voters I can only hope that if you vote her in that it is YOUR families or you who are near the next Muslim attack because it is only then that your little brain will wake up to the horrendous act you have committed by voting for the corrupt anti-American Hillary.

    Wake up people. Everyone in the media is against Trump – most everyone. They are working overtime to stop the man from being the nominee.

    We must rise up and go against the media tide. We must rally and come out of the woodwork and vote for Trump.

    We must rid washington of the scum like Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Graham, Lynch, Reid, Pelosi and all the other lifetime politicians who are desperately trying to keep their job. They all know that if an America loving man like Trump who is not beholden to their lobbyists that the party is over!

    Close the borders! Throw the protesters in jail after filling their face with pepper spray! Let the people rise up and take this country back from the corrupt, power hungry villains who currently are in power.

    May God bless this country.

    Pray for our children.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard!

    Join us as we vote Out the scum in Washington and vote IN Trump!


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