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  • Why Are So Many Against Trump?

    by Founder on March 26, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Is it “so many”? Or does it just seem that way?

    The reality is that a majority of the hard working American citizens in this country are for Trump NOT against him. So why does it seem other wise?

    First, it is the media – the pathetic, politically correct main stream media – even thew once “Conservative” FOX News is now against Trump – but why?

    When the media is against someone or something it seems as if all are against it. But in reality the media is made up of a small group of people – with a big mouth piece. The media are the ones who get heard. They decide what is news and what is not news.

    If they want to say Trump is a racist then people hear and start to believe that Trump is a racist.

    If they choose NOT to tell the facts about the disgustingly corrupt Hillary Clinton – then the masses will not hear about her. The media is very powerful.

    Then you have organizations like George Soros and – these are funded organizations who are fighting desperately to destroy America and all we stand for.

    George Soros has made billions by destroying currencies and causing civil disruption in those countries. In reality this person should be tortured and strung up in jail for the rest of his life.

    Soros is responsible for funding the Trump protests – these are professional protestors who are part of groups like BlackLivesMatter and the Occupy protests. These are professional protestors who are angry, racist, no job losers who go city to city to try and protect their “live off the government” lifestyle – while also trying to destroy the lives a  of the hard working middle class of this great country.

    Is Trump a racist? The simple answer is no. But the media portrays him as one just as those who hate him.

    Is it racist to want to close our borders? Is it?

    What other country has open borders? Do you mind paying for the existence of these illegal immigrants? Doi you mind paying for their health care, their housing and their food?

    Is it racist to want and try to stop radical Muslim terrorism? Look what just happened to brussels. They had open borders and where did that get them? This is soon to happen in America – mark my words.

    And you trust a corrupt politician like Hillary to stop this? You trust Hillary to close the borders? She is relying on these people to vote for her – this is how the Democrats keep their power – to give away all the goodies to the little sheep in exchange for votes. It is very sad.

    Trump is vilified for wanting to uphold the law and maintain the American culture – and the reason people get away with being against him mis that our country is now flooded with NON Americans. The country is becoming diluted with illegal immigrants, government leeches and those who hate the very country they live in.

    America desperately needs a leader who loves the country. Someone who will uphold the law. Someone who is not beholden to the lobbyists. Someone who will actually create policies FOR the American people.

    Obama is a Marxist who loves Communism and who thinks Communism is better than capitalism. But history has proven out the Communism only puts the people in chains and the political leaders as elites.

    Based on Obama’s actions the last 7 years he should be rotting away in a dirty jail cell somewhere – yet no one has the balls to do it.

    Obama is a sick dictator wannabe who hates America – this country deserves better. Hillary wants to just continue Obama’s policies and the sick Republicans in power just want to keep their job – this is why many want Hillary.

    The establishment knows that if Trump gets in – the party ids over.

    America will be run like a business – no more politically correct crap. No more open borders,. No more giving billions to other countries with nothing in return. No more cushy lives and jobs for the corrupt elite – the party will be over and America will be on her way to being great once again.

    Please join us here and make your voice heard.

    Rise up with us and stand for Trump. He is not a perfect candidate – but no one is.

    However he is an America loving candidate.

    He will not screw the people like Obama has or someone as corrupt as Hillary will.

    God bless America and the future of this country.

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