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  • Throw Hillary in Jail!

    by Founder on April 9, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    What does it take?

    Is Hillary free to commit crimes without fear of being prosecuted?

    If Hillary Clinton is NOT prosecuted for her crimes against the security of America – then there is no justice anymore.

    It seems as if the government ie. Obama – are picking and choosing who they want to prosecute and who they do not.

    Aren’t the scales of justice supposed to be blind?

    Isn’t everyone supposed to be treated equally under the law?

    Has America slipped so deeply into tyranny that our political leaders are immune from the law?

    We all know that Obama should have long ago been thrown in jail – for his treasonous crimes against America but he has such control over the judges and the Justice Department that no one has the balls to initiate proceedings against him – but Hillary?

    Is she so entrenched in Washington that she is immune from the law?

    Our Founding Fathers have to be rolling over in their grave. This is outrageous.

    If any “normal” citizen had committed these crimes or any crime for that matter – they would be subject to the law and prosecuted – and rightly so.

    But Hillary must also be held to this standard.

    Hillary Clinton has lied over and over again, not only to the people of America, but also to congress and the FBI. What more should it take?

    Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State of the United States and she conducted all of her business through personal emails and a personal server in her home! She obviously could care less. She had no regard to the security and safety of her correspondences.

    It is now well know that other countries garnered highly classified information from her reckless actions – and she is both denying it and showing a complete lack of concern.

    Someone please throw her in jail! Now!

    Hillary feels she is impervious to the law. She lied about Benghazi to the families of the dead, to the American public and to the Congressional investigation. She is a sick pathological liar – and this is who many want to be the next President?

    Has America lost all of her morals and principles to where the people no longer care if someone is an obvious corrupt liar?

    You see the people cheering her on in her speeches while she campaigns and you wonder what is the matter with these people? Do they lackĀ  morals of any type? Do they lack any principles and/or character? It seems the obvious answer is yes.

    Has America been so diluted down with illegal immigrants that she has lost all of her values?

    Has America been so dumbed down with celebrity and TV that she has lost all belief in honesty and integrity? The unfortunate answer to these two questions is “yes” and “yes”.

    Please join us here in fighting to defeat our corrupt bloated government.

    Join us in trying to defeat the illegal alien Muslim Obama.

    Join us in standing up for the Constitution and defeating the media and Washington as they try and force a new corrupt president down our throat.

    Please join us and vote for Trump. Let us get a non politician in Washington to clean out the corruption and scum that have enveloped our government.

    Stand tall with us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and the future of our precious children.

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