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  • Facebook – A Pathetic Liberal Rag Company

    by Founder on May 9, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    News just out the Facebook routinely suppressed conservative stories that were and are trending on the internet.

    Can Zuckergerg get any more pathetic?

    What a sick liberal little piece of shit.

    Imagine how lame you have to be to actually suppress news from your subscribers? How little of a person this dude must be?

    Who the hell is he to suppress news from his base of subscribers?

    Even though conservative news was organically popular on Facebook – the sick little libs behind the scenes who prevent people from reading it.

    This is beyond sick.

    That rag of a company is trying to brainwash its subscribers just because the small minded liberal freak Zuckerberg doesn’t agree with their ideas etc?

    Are you a Facebook user? Are you at all offended by this?

    I am not a Facebook user – nor will I ever be – simply because I can’t stand that little punk Zuckerberg.

    He has managed to ruin a generation of internet freaks who spend all day everyday with the faces glued to Facebook – all because they are severely lacking in self esteem.

    Zuckerberg thinks he knows more than you.

    Zuckerberg thinks his opinions are more important than yours – does this bother you at all?

    This is even more reason to vote for Trump.

    Every day the pathetic liberal left exposes a new reason why everyone who loves this country should vote for Trump.

    The little punk Zuckerberg thinks he can control your mind – is this ok with you?

    If it is OK with you then consider yourself a pathetic lib who will fall for anything.

    If it is NOT ok with you then consider yourself a thinker who has their own mind – a mind that cannot be formed and manipulated by the media or this scrawny little punk who owns Facebook.

    It is time to rise up people.

    We must reset this country.

    We must push out all those who control the media and Washington.

    Washington needs to be cleaned out of all the scum who have slithered into power – this can be done with your vote.

    Vote for Trump to stop all the anti-America ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – that is sucking the economy right out from under us.

    Vote for Trump to stop all the corruption in the media as they try to brain wash you into thinking Hillary Clinton would actually be good for this country.

    And stop using that pathetic Facebook system. They are actively trying to brainwash you into what you think about our great country.

    Facebook is for losers. Facebook is for those with a low self esteem – is this you?

    Get a life people and realize what great values and principles our country was built on.

    Dump your Facebook account and start actually interacting with people in person.

    Get off the internet and start socializing with people in person.

    Stand up for yourself – stand up for your mind.

    Stand up for the greatness of America – not the liberal rabble that a loser like Obama keeps spewing.

    Stand up for the Constitution – go read the Constitution – learn about America and dump the piece of shit Zuckerberg from your life.

    Good luck and God bless America.

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