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  • Millennials Brainwashed Into Thinking Trump is Racist

    by Founder on May 12, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    This is the price of a liberal education. This is the price of liberalism.

    What don’t the millennials understand? How did they get so clueless?

    Do they understand that Trump and all tax paying, hard working American citizens want the border closed? Does this bother them?

    They think by closing the border we are being racist – they are obviously not thinking this thing through.

    All the Bernie supporters – the “free stuff” people – and all the pathetic Hillary supporters – the “free stuff” people – they are clueless about economics.

    They love free stuff – they are promised all kinds of free stuff by their candidate – but one thing I learned very early in school – and I am talking 9th grade area – TANSTAAFL!


    Nothing is free! Someone is paying for it. You may not think you are paying for it – but in many ways you are.

    Free college? Who will pay for it?

    Illegals pouring over the border everyday? Who will pay for them?

    Section 8 housing? Who pays for it then?

    Free diapers? Free clothes? Free lawyers? Free food? Free milk? Free health care?

    Are you people that stupid that you actually think these things can be free?

    These are the people who have their brains buried in Facebook and Twitter – the only time they look up is to protest or cheer on their liberal candidate – it is very sad.

    How is it racist to want to close our borders to ONLY legal immigration?

    What kind of thinking can make you think it is OK for illegal immigrants to pour across our border?

    How is it racist to not want radical Muslims in our country?

    Are you libs so stupid that you want every Muslim to come here whether they want to kill you or not?

    Do you read about the crimes committed by illegal immigrants? Is this OK with you?

    Do you think it is OK for Muslims to come through our border – with no background check?

    Is your liberalism so severe that your heart bleeds for the people and their children?

    Are your “feelings” more important than the safety of our country and the well being of our economy?

    Is it more important to you to “get yours” than to create a better society for all future generations? Or are you only concerned about yourself?

    This is how liberals are. They only think of today and being comfortable, and feeling good and screw the future.

    Illegals want to come in the country? No problem “I feel bad for them”.

    Muslims want to come into the country? No problem “I feel bad for them”.

    Transgender want to use any bathroom you want? No problem “I feel bad for them”.

    This is how the pathetic millennials and the pathetic liberals think – if you want to call it thinking.

    Don’t you realize you are just being use by the loser politicians? This is how they use you so they can stay in power. They don’t care about you – they just pander to you to get your vote. Or are you too stupid to see this?

    Trump is NOT a racist – he actually wants what is best for the country – unlike the radical Muslim illegal immigrant – king of racism Obama.

    Obama should have been impeached long ago – and even thrown in jail for all of his corruption and treasonous action – but it is the liberal media and all of the bleeding heart liberals out there who have prevented this from happening.

    Sorry to say libs but the party is about to end.

    If we can vote Trump in – he will close the borders to illegals, hopefully deport many of those already here – thus cleaning out the country of the leeches who suck off the middle class. Then he will knock out most of the disgusting corruption perpetrated by Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell and on and on it goes.

    This is why the “establishment” – you know the ones who are abusing their power everyday – will be thrown out of Washington. It is time to get a President who actually makes decisions for the American people – rather than for other countries and their sick liberal agenda.

    All you millennials and libs need to educate yourself and get a life. Lift up your head from Facebook and Twitter. Stop watching the Kardashians and all the trash Housewives shows – and wake the fuck up!

    Go Trump 2016 – and fuck all the illegals!

    God bless America.

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