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  • Washington Post and NY Times Useless Against Trump

    by Founder on May 19, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    When are these pathetic liberal bankrupt rags going to get it?

    When are they going to understand that “We the People” DO NOT care what you say. We do not care about your drabble trying to tear down Trump.

    It is way beyond that now.

    The people have woken up and understand that YOU, the media, are a corrupt anti-American bunch of fools.

    You can say what you want about Trump. You can lie all you want about Trump – the people don’t care – it’s as simple as that.

    It is too late.

    Washington Post and Bezos the bozo can give it up – no one is listening. You can have your little army of 20 reporters digging up dirt on Trump all you want – no one cares.

    NY Times you can put all the negative covers and stories you want about Trump – no one cares – sorry.

    It is now beyond all that.

    “We the People” see that Obama has destroyed the country and it was YOU the media that enabled him.

    “We the People” see that Hillary is as corrupt and crooked as they come – where are your stories about this future jail bird?

    Where were your stories about the illegal immigrant radical Muslim Hussein Obama? Looks to me like you pathetic rags have a bit of an agenda, what do you think?

    Your time is over. The party is over.

    It is time for “We the People”.

    It is time to elect an American who loves the country and who loves Capitalism.

    We do not expect a perfect candidate – there is no such thing.

    Trump is a human being and every one makes mistakes. We accept this. But we do not accept your corruption, lies and liberal agenda.

    You pathetic liberals are done. The people are now awake – thanks to the corrupt racist Obama.

    Obama has delivered Trump to us. It is and was Obama’s incompetency, hate for America and outright corruption that has spoiled it for the Democrats.

    Let’s face it Obama should have been thrown in jail long ago and if justice is served properly Hillary will soon be there as well.

    CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Huffington Post, NY Times, Daily News, Washington Post, Media Matters and a host of other failing liberal rags – the jig is up – NO ONE CARES what you say.

    Whatever these rags spew about Trump – no one is listening and no one cares.

    Just like the little boy who cried wolf – if you lie enough pretty soon no one listens and you get eaten up. That’s just the way it goes.

    So sit back and watch Trump become president of the United States and just know – that the party is over.

    Trump 2016.

    God bless America.

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    Questionman May 25, 2016

    Man, who knew having a black man as President would turn people into retarded hateful, racist, bigoted black-hating c-nts? Oh, wait. I did. I knew it.

    President Obama hasn’t apologized for anything, I mean Jesus do con memes ever take a day off? Ever?

    WW2 was 70 years ago, Vietnam was 40 years ago. We seem to have a new foe named China so it behooves us to make nice with the little countries around China so we have help in the region to keep China in check and limit their influence.

    What I find fascinating is conservatives lose their shit when president Obama just stands in a particular place. Ronald Reagan had 138 of his administration charge, indicted, or convicted of crimes while he was in office, yet cons love this criminal.

    MYTH: Obama is destroying America
    FACT: retarded black-hating racist, bigoted, retarded sister fucking, inbred teabagger fuck cunt lies. President Obama has done a miraculous
    job of leading the U.S. out of a very dark time. When he took
    office, the economy was in free-fall, two wars were raging,
    unemployment was skyrocketing, banks were failing, stock market was
    crashing, homes were in foreclosure, the auto industry collapsing,
    and our infrastructure was crumbling. Since he became president, the
    economy is growing, two wars are coming to an end, unemployment is
    way down, banks have stabilized, the stock market is at an all-time
    high, the mortgage crisis has been resolved, the auto industry has
    been saved, our infrastructure is being repaired, and every American
    has access to affordable health care. President Obama conducts
    himself with utmost dignity and honor, and, with his calm and
    measured approach to world conflict, he has gained the respect of the
    world. In 2015, in an international Gallup poll, he was named “the
    world’s most trusted leader. Some of us remember those times. Others (especially those on this site) choose to forget. He’s done a remarkable job as President….particularly compared to this red-head bozo Trump who’s in love with twitter, name-calling, insults people, throws tantrums, and acts like a juvenile. Always whining, crying about how someone has “treated” him; can’t accept ANY LEVEL of criticism if you wrapped it up in gold ribbon and sprayed the best smelling perfume on it. I hope all of these numbskulls vote for him….they’re gonna lose……AGAIN. Lol

    No he’s a Christian actually. He wakes up to bible verses every day on his phone. Obama has gone to church, and there’s plenty of video evidence, you clearly didn’t research very well before letting your prejudice get the better of you.
    No it is not right Obama is not a Muslim but he is a Christian although his late father and mother were Muslims He was raised by his grand parents who were Christians in Hawaii.I think he would not be a Muslim although he respects Muslims.

    Your knowledge of law and the constitution is zero……exactly.

    He has committed no impeachable offence , it’s that simple.

    He knows how to push the boundaries of law and the constitution in order to get some things done that the Republicans would just keep blocking other wise.

    He taught constitutional law at Harvard , he is no fool.

    Stop listening to Fox news and thinking it is real fact. Just because he doesn’t do things to your liking doesn’t mean he should be impeached.

    He’s black.

    Get over it.


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