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  • Obama Responsible for Orlando Terrorist Attack

    by Founder on June 13, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Barack Hussein Obama – our Muslim terrorist President – sits back – in his own mind – gleefully happy as the ISIS attacks begin in America.

    Omar Mateen ans ISIS supporting radical Muslim walked into a night club in Orlando and murdered 49 people – and Obama tries to say he is a “home grown terrorist”.

    Obama is a sick radical Muslim who is the cause for all that is happening. He will also tie this into his obsession with taking guns away from the American people – yet on this count he will fail miserably as he has done throughout his 7 year term.

    Obama has done NOTHING to prevent these attacks, in fact, all he has done is promoting these types of attacks.

    He has – over the past 7+ years – appointed Muslims to most every department in government – allowing them to infiltrate our government at the top levels.

    In addition the main stream media is also complicit in the promotion of Muslims and Muslim terrorism. They should all be held responsible and be thrown in jail.

    Muslims are allowed to freely speak of their hatred of America on such sites as Facebook and Twitter – and yet nothing is done about this.

    These self admitted radical America hating Muslims need to be shipped out and banned from America forever – but, rather Obama invites these people to the White House.

    Our President refuses to say the words RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST – because he supports their cause.

    Our President openly allows Syrian illegal immigrants into our country without any check on their identity or intent. In fact, the Obama government is spending $20,000 per illegal immigrant coming into this country as they set them up with welfare, food stamps and housing.

    So guess what? A vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama is a vote for RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORISM.

    Remember, Obama hates America. He hates America with every bone in his body.

    Everything he has done since getting voted in 7 years ago has been designed to destroy America and our way of life.

    Obama has American blood on his hands. He has promoted Muslim activities since he has been in office.

    Trump has been right about all of this.

    The American people have been right all along about all of this.

    This is why Trump is so popular with AMERICANS. He is so popular with those who grew up in America and who work hard each day to pay their taxes.

    Trump is NOT popular with “newbies” to America – those who are here illegally and those who pay no taxes. But these are the exact people the Democrats – Obama and Hillary – rely on for votes and support.

    How sick is that?

    This is how pathetic Obama and Hillary are. They do not seek votes from hard working Americans – they seek them from those who rely on the government for all their needs.

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for keeping those who live in the inner cities dependent on the government. Is this the America you want your children to grow up in?

    If you are seriously considering voting for Hillary – remember that you are voting for open borders, more terrorist attacks, bigger government and massive elite corruption. Is this the America you want your children to grow up in?

    By Obama allowing our borders to be open to any and all – he has allowed Islamic terrorists to flood our country – in the hopes that they will wreck havoc on the hard working tax payers SOLELY so those in power will stay in power.

    This is how sick Obama and Hillary are.

    They don’t care about the people – they only care that they can keep their corruption ongoing.

    Let’s face it – Obama should be in jail and Hilary should be in jail – but none of that will happen – if the people keep voting in these corrupt politicians.

    Lord help us. Lord help America.

    For America to last and to offer great opportunity for our citizens you MUST vote AGAINST Hillary and Obama – we have no choice.

    God bless America and our children.

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