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  • If You Are Considering Voting For Hillary….

    by Founder on June 18, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Please reconsider your vote based on this information.

    The government and the media are very desperate to NOT have Trump win. Why is this?

    Do you think they are looking out for the American tax payer? Are you an America tax payer?

    Who do you want to lead this country? What type of person do you want? Do you have children?

    Benghazi – Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for this attack on Benghazi – by leaking confidential information through her personal server. She then lied directly to Congress and the families of the dead – stating the reason for the attack was a video about Muslims. She lied directly to the families at the grave sites of these dead Americans.

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Clinton Foundation – this is a private fund that the Clinton’s have used for decades. It is filled with money from Muslim nations – those who want to kill Americans and those who hate gays and women’s rights. They were given this money in exchange for gun deals and other advantageous deals – that went against America’s interests. But the Clinton’s don’t care where the money came from – they are the elite 1% the Obama rails against.

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Destruction of Women’s Lives – While Bill Clinton was in office – she knew about his affairs and all the accusations against him by various women – but what did Hillary do? She did all she could do destroy these women’s lives.

    Hillary would protect her husband from rape charges and molestation charges by defaming the women and stating that the women were lying. Hillary for women’s rights? far from it.

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Email Scandal – Hillary Clinton is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI for exposing confidential security information to all of the world – because of her use – NOT of a private server but a publicly accessible server! This was all high security information as the Secretary of State of the United States!

    She was then asked to release these emails to see if they were classified information, and what does she do? She not only destroys thousands of the emails but she also has her servers destroyed! Then she denies it all!

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Huma Abedin Association – Hillary Clinton’s long time confidant and assistant has been Huma Abedin who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has been associated with Muslim causes her whole life. Does this bother you? Is America having a bit of a Muslim problem right now?

    Do you think America should be trying to protect itself from radical Muslims and NOT insert them into every level of government? Who’s side are you on?

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Landing Under Sniper Fire in Bosnia – Hillary spun this tale about her plane landing under sniper fire in Bosnia and having to run for shelter upon landing – but video of her landing and departing the plane shows a completely different story – no sniper fire and being greeted in a very friendly way by those waiting for her.

    Why the lies? Why was it necessary? She is obviously a pathological liar and corrupt at the very core of her existence.

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    Campaign Funding – It is well known that Saudi Arabia has “donated” hundreds of millions to Hillary – yet campaign laws clearly state that you may NOT receive campaign funding from foreign nations and/or organizations. Does Hillary care? The answer is no.

    Hillary is so corrupt and has so much to hide I do not know how she can even possibly sleep at night. This is a vile person.

    Is this the type of person you want to vote for?

    There are many other scandals and examples of corruption involving the Clinton’s so I hope you will at least do some research on your own.

    What kind of America do you want to leave for your children? Do you simply want a continuation of the disaster that is Obama?

    Do you want Muslims to take over the American government like Obama is arranging?

    Does America mean anything to you?

    I urge you to vote Trump in 2016. He is the only possible vote.

    Those in Washington desperately do NOT want Trump elected because they know that if he is elected their corrupt party is over – they will be out of a job.

    Vote for Trump – vote for the future of America.

    God bless America.


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