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  • Hillary and Obama Represent Corruption!

    by Founder on July 1, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    It is time for the American people to rebel against the US government!

    Hillary is corrupt! All she does is corrupt.

    If you vote for Hillary – you are voting AGAINST the future of your children and you are voting for Obama’s third term.

    All the corrupt politicians in Washington who claim to endorse Hillary are only doing so in order to keep the corruption party going strong.

    They know that if Trump is elected the party is over.

    These corrupt people in Washington do NOT care about you or your family or your future. They only care about themselves and their own.

    You MUST understand this!

    You should NOT vote for Hillary if you care deeply about the future of America.

    Hillary laughs at you and your ignorance about her life.

    She has been corrupt for decades.

    The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund (a personal fund) solely for the Clintons themselves. She uses this money to pay off people, to bribe people and to finance her 1% lifestyle.

    Hillary and Obama and Loretta Lynch are psychopathic liars. They lie every day of their lives – right into the eyes of the American tax payer.

    Do you believe the liar Lynch when she said she didn’t talk to Bill Clinton about anything but gold and his grandchildren? She lied directly to the public without flinching.

    Did you believe Hillary and Obama when they told the families of the 4 dead men in Benghazi – that they were killed because of an anti Muslim video? She told them this as she stood over their graves!

    Why would you vote for someone like this? She is a filthy, corrupt politician who would stab you in the back in a heartbeat.

    Everything is rigged against the common person like you and me. It is all rigged in the government’s favor.

    We work hard each day to make ends meet – and these government slugs steal everyday from the tax payers and the US Treasury.

    Does it bother you that Obama’s wife and daughters are on another multi million dollar vacation – at your expense? When are you going on a free multi million dollar vacation?

    Is there anything that these corrupt politicians can do or say that will change your vote to Trump?

    What does it say about the voting public that half of American voters will vote for Hillary and Obama?

    Is half of America moral less? Is half of America just plain too stupid to understand? Is half of America so clueless and apathetic that they do not care who is elected? I am afraid to answer these questions.

    Hillary wants open borders – how long do you think America will last with open borders? Are you for open borders?

    Will you check a box on your tax return saying to take out alot of extra money from you to pay for these illegals pouring into our country? Will you do this?

    This is precisely what is happening – but with a gun to our heads! These corrupt politicians are forcing the tax payers to pay for the existence of people who hate America and people who choose not to work! Are you for this?

    Hillary is for ISIS refugees pouring into America! What do you think the result of this will be?

    Because of Obama – he has allowed the infiltration into our country of radical Islamists at every level of government – and Hillary is just fine with this – are you?

    If you love your children, if you want a better life for your children – then nyou will vote AGAINST the corrupt Hillary and vote Trump – it is our last gasp!

    Please people wake the fuck up!

    God bless America!

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