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  • Obama Desperate to Cancel the Election

    by Founder on July 12, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    The world powers – using Obama as the puppet that he is – are desperate to cancel the 2016 US Presidential election.

    The elites will do anything to keep Donald Trump from becoming President because they know that if her gets in – the party is over.

    Just look at Obama’s incendiary comments about the recent police shootings. Look at Hillary Clinton’s comments about the police shootings.

    Look at Obama’s comments about the terrorist group Black Lives Matters – he has even invited them to the White House to “strategize”.

    Obama is doing all he can to fan the flames of racism in this country just in time to declare Marshall Law – cancelling the elections.

    This is how desperate these freaks are.

    Don’t be surprised if there are many more shootings, murders and highly inflammable racial confrontations – they are all planned out.

    This is why – no matter what happens the election must go on.

    The powers that be are trying to steal America from the hard working tax payers – and they plan on doing it right before this election.

    They know Hillary is a highly flawed candidate and that the time is ripe for Trump.

    They know that Hillary has a very good chance of losing and that her support is far less than the corrupt media is “reporting”.

    Obama is a sick person. He is corrupted with the obsession to destroy America and this puppet will do anything Soros tells him to do.

    The Obama regime and Hillary Clinton are obsessed with the notion of keeping the racial tensions alive and well in America.

    They desperately want to keep black shackled to the chains of government dependency – this is how they feel they will remain in power.

    Trump represents a change in America that is directly opposite to what Obama has been fighting for during the last 7+ years.

    Obama is ready to pull the trigger on Marshall law.

    Why do you think the government has stockpiled BILLIONS of hollow point bullets – in virtually every government department?

    Why do you think the UN armored vehicles have been spotted all over the country?

    The pathetic people that make up the Black Lives matter movement are Obama’s front line.

    This is right out of Alinsky’s book on how to cause anarchy and completely disrupt society – this is what Obama wants.

    They want to turn America into a lawless society – ruled by chaos and protests – this is ultimate goal.

    Trump has disrupted their plan – he was not supposed to happen. Hillary was supposed to just march into the White House going up against some chump like Jeb Bush – but the people spoke.

    The American tax payer is sick of Obama and his Communist crap – we all want him gone – never to step foot in Washington again.

    Obama should be rotting in jail somewhere on his many crimes of treason but no one in power had the balls to get this thing done.

    This is why We the People MUST rise up – we must take back our country and rid Washington of the scum that is currently in power.

    Please get out and vote Trump!

    Do NOT believe anything the media is telling you! They are liars – just like Obama and Hillary!

    If you love your children – if you love America – if you want to save this country from the scum of the Black Lives Matters protests and the scum of Obama – you must vote Trump!

    This is our last gasp of air – stand tall – stand for America – do NOT let Obama rule your life!

    God bless America!

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