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  • Obama Inciting Police Killings!

    by Founder on July 18, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Here is the recent quote from the racist in Chief Barack Hussein Obama:

    “There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters.

    “And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions.  And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot saferIt is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them and that the kind of rancor and suspicion that exists right now is alleviated.”

    There you go folks. What more do you need to hear from this divider?

    Obama is against cops and he has been ever since he took office.

    From when he first told the Cambridge, Massachusetts police that they acted “stupidly” – that is where it all began. It was his rush to judgement on this case that kicked off Obama’s hatred for America and the police.

    So he wants to cops to admit that they have been wrong? he wants the cops to admit that they treat blacks differently than they treat whites?

    Is this guy serious?

    From the great promise of “hope and change” – we now have the most divided nation in history.

    The great Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to unite the country and erase all traces of racism – instead he has thrown gas on the fire and fanned the flames of racism causing the nation’s worst divide between the races ever.

    Black Lives Matter – the racist terrorist group that spreads hatred, racism and violence where ever they go – Obama loves them – even invites them to the White House.

    The New Black Panthers – who spread hatred, racism and violence where ever they go – Obama loves them – even invites them to the White House.

    The mask for Obama has been long gone – he is no longer trying to hide any of his true beliefs.

    Obama hates whites.

    Obama hates the middle class.

    Obama loves Black Lives Matters terrorist group.

    Obama sympathizes with any and all Muslim groups regardless of what they say or do.

    Look back into the archives of this site dating back to 2008 – I told you all that this is who this man was. But the voters are so stupid in this country.

    They are so obsessed with their pathetic social media – they all have their faces buried in the sickness of Facebook unable to understand nor care who they are voting in.

    And now these same idiots who voted in Obama to destroy our country are lining up to vote in an even more despicable person in Hillary Clinton.

    When will the voters of the Democrat Party wake up? When the tanks are roiling in the streets? Or will they even care then?

    Hillary is a liar – we all know that. She will say anything she has to say to appease the moron voters. She will repeat things that Trump says just to get votes – she believes none of it – but her clueless voters will believe it if it comes out of her lying mouth.

    Obama is inciting all of this police violence.

    Blacks are targeted more because blacks commit most of the crimes! look mat the facts you racist idiots!

    You can’t admit that it is blacks who are more likely to commit a crime? Are you this clueless or is it just your racism that blinds you to reality?

    If the blacks stop committing all of these crimes – then their arrest numbers will go down – simple as that – but are they capable?

    Obama keeps telling them that they are victims and that the police are acting “stupidly” toward them – and then they riot in the street, post radical racist postings on the internet and actually state that they want to kill cops – but, of course, Obama says nothing about this.

    Obama wants riots in the street – he wants chaos – he wants division. He should be thrown in jail for his crimes against the American people!

    We must vote Trump in as President – come November 2016. He will wipe all of this hate and negativity by Obama out of the picture.

    America must regain their greatness – and the first step is ridding Washington of Obama.

    Remember, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama.

    God bless America and our future.

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    Questionman July 18, 2016

    Racist Right takes playing holier than thou to Overdrive

    Desperation. The word of the day is desperation, and the racist right is oozing with desperate.

    They are desperate to pin the blame on the black man in office.

    In case this idiot and failed congressional candidate hasn’t been paying attention the Dallas shooter had Been planning the attacks looong time And when he couldn’t get his bombs together in time he thought targeting police when protests broke out would be easier then his original plan. He suffered from PTSD and got a honorable discharge excuse her promised to get mental health help which was recommended by the military when he was kicked out. He didn’t see Obama five. A speech and then do professional sniper massacre like s pro within just a few hours moron.

    The Fallas Mayor and police chief already released the facts and had nothing but pride for Obama. Obama anti-institutional racism speech didn’t have a single damn thing to do without and there is no proof the shooter even saw it. His manifesto confirmed he panned a massive bombing and sniper shooting after he was kicked out of the military. Conservatives are incapable of telling the truth.

    Obama does not bear personal responsibility for each nutjob who picks up a gun, whether he’s white, black or muslim. So your best bet to attack Obama is to prove him right? that’s good to know.

    The article fails to highlight how Obama spent more than half of his answer constructively criticizing protesters and said when people attack police officers it does a disservice to the cause.
    He also criticized those who wish to use what a handful of people on the fringe say as being representative of an entire movement, that is disingenuous as well.
    Then he went on to say that the police departments should also work towards recognizing that their is a problem and that needs to be addressed in order to move toward real solutions.
    People are tired of being harassed, shot at, killed and profiled.
    Peaceful Protesters are the ones who have a something real to say, but unfortunately the loudest most ignorant voices are the ones that get the attention [esp. from the right]

    I’m sick and tired of you a-holes playing hoiler than thou acting like you have done nothing to make race relations worse, when in fact, you have. Let me count the ways:

    For the last seven and a half years, Democrats weren’t calling Obama the N word? Portray him has a monkey, Create pictures of a watermelon garden at the white house, Saying he’s from the jungle, Calling him a half breed,. the racists on the right were.

    Democrats weren’t the ones on Twitter posting racist tweets after Obama won re-election, the racists on the right were.

    Democrats weren’t the ones who create preposterously false charges against him — that this son of Hawaii wasn’t really born in the United States, that he is a secret Muslim who “hates America,” that he’s animated by a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview. Within the African-American community, his persistent emphasis on responsible fatherhood, a key theme of his recent commencement address at More house College, is sometimes cast as a way of pandering to white prejudice by hectoring a community to which he owes a large and still unpaid political debt. the racists on the right were.

    Democrats weren’t the ones who assaulted blacks as a retaliation towards the President’s victory

    Democrats aren’t the ones who sent President Obama racist e-mails and death threats, more than any
    other president in history.

    Democrats aren’t the ones with racist tea party signs and rants that those with a brain, unlike that
    brain-dead troll, knows exist. (or a Google search will work!)

    ■Nonstop Racist comments all major websites like the blaze, American Stinker, etc., and
    thank God someone if posting them like me.

    ■The Rise of racist groups such as the “Birthers”.

    ■Racist pictures and e-mails against the President and First Lady (Google)
    Democrats weren’t the ones calling Michelle Obama every disgusting racist name known to man, the racists were.

    And Democrats AREN’T the ones trying to create the “final solution” against Muslims, the racists, like trump, are.

    The problem is that you racists have had a mental breakdown. You can’t handle the fact that he is a better man than all of you put together. The republican party is racist and has been since the passage of civil rights and voting rights laws in the 60′s. Trump is nothing new. He just doesn’t use dog whistles.


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