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  • Any True America Will Vote Trump!

    by Founder on July 22, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    What a fantastic convention!

    Any true American must vote for Trump – you have no other choice.

    After listening to all the speeches at the GOP convention if you do not vote for Trump you either:

    1. Hate America.
    2. Are too stupid to understand what is going on
    3. You mind is closed and you are unwilling to actually listen to the man.

    Which is it?

    What are the lame Democrats going to say at their convention?

    Will anyone watch their lame convention?

    Who can possible support Hillary based on her actions and “accomplishments”?

    If you are a true American you have only one choice – Trump.

    If you are a true American you believe in the following:

    1. Legal immigration only – no illegal immigration.
    2. Strong military.
    3. Smaller government.
    4. Cut the waste and fraud.
    5. Balance the budget erasing out $19 Trillion debt.
    6. Build a border wall stopping illegals, drugs and terrorists from pouring across our borders.
    7. Respect for the police and the rule of law.
    8. Respect for and adherence to the Constitution.
    9. family values.
    10. Properly negotiated trade deals that favor America and our citizens.
    11. The deportation of illegals who refuse to assimilate and who enter our country to commit crimes.
    12. The immediate deportation of illegals who are in violent gangs.
    13. The immediate deportation of Muslims who admit they will fight for Sharia Law and who wish to kill Americans.
    14. The appointing of judges who only follow the law without concern for a political agenda.
    15. The repeal of ObamaCare.
    16. Immediate drastic reduction in un-necessary government regulations.
    17. Am immediate reduction in personal and corporate taxes.
    18. An immediate stop to all of the lying and corruption by our politicians.
    19. The instillation of a hard work ethic for all Americans.
    20. The instillation, once again, of American pride.

    OK, that’s a good start.

    These are all of the things Trump stands for.

    Hillary is just the opposite.

    Hillary is a disgusting, corrupt liar who should be thrown in jail for her many crimes against America. If you vote for Hillary you are simply not an American.

    Just face it – just admit it.

    Admit that you hate the country – and that you voted for Obama twice.

    Any true American, after watching the convention has no choice but to support Trump and all of the pro American policies he will put into action.

    Do you feel illegal immigrants should be given preference to actual America citizens?

    Do you want to use your money to support illegal immigrants who have no interest in working for their money?

    Do you want to elect a President who can’t even pass a simple background check?

    How any true America loving person can vote for the criminal Hillary is beyond me. This is a wasted vote and simply a vote for Obama, again.

    Just listen to the insanity of someone who supports Hillary. It is senseless and completely based on simply not believing Trump when he says what he will do.

    If you are “afraid” of Trump, there is something wrong with you.

    If you do not vote Trump then just admit you wish America to be destroyed and that you wish the country be flooded with illegal immigrants.

    May the good lord be with us.

    God bless America.

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