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  • Polls are Lying – Trump Will Win in Landslide!

    by Founder on August 19, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    The silent majority shall rise up and show their head.

    Poll after poll by the main stream media is trying to convince you that the disgusting Hillary Clinton is actually leading.

    Even the media believes it. But there is no way it reflects the truth.

    They are trying to gear you up for a stealing of the election by the Clinton machine. They feel that they have to win.

    This is their last shot. They have nothing if they lose. They are in clear desperation mode.

    I have seen unfiltered polls that show Trump crushing Hillary – and even the Independents/Libertarians are beating Hillary.

    Look at Trump’s rallies.

    Look at Trump’s message.

    Look at the vile corruption by Hillary.

    Look at all the evidence of corruption by Hillary.

    The great people of this country are going to rise up and rid Washington of the scum, corrupt Clinton’s forever.

    The Clinton are pathological liars and Obama is a pathological liar.

    Loretta lynch is a pathological liar.

    Nancy Pelosi is a pathological liar.

    Josh Earnst is a pathological liar.

    Anyone who represents the Obama administration seems to be a professional liar who has no concern for the American tax payer.

    Trump stands tall on the issues:

    • Immigration
    • The military
    • The economy
    • Trade issues
    • Health Care
    • Government corruption
    • Justice for all
    • Help for the African American community
    • Help for all the failing Democrat cities across the country
    • The appointing of Constitutional justices and judges
    • Radical Muslim Terrorism
    • Foreign policy

    Hillary is just the opposite. She just wants to continue the corruption of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Hillary wants to keep the gravy train going. She wants the payoffs to continue.

    Hillary only sees the black community as votes – she does not want to improve their lot in life.

    Hillary is a pathological liar who could care less about you.

    We the People MUST vote for Trump and insure that Hillary Clinton does not step foot in the White House ever again.

    If you love your children – which of course you do – you must vote for Trump.

    Hillary will destroy your children’s future. She will rob them of any chance to better their life.

    If you vote for Hillary you are voting for corruption. Is this what you want to teach your children?

    Do you want your kids to have a better life than you? if so, vote Trump 2016!

    Go Trump! Go America!

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