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  • If You Don’t Stand for Our National Anthem You are a Loser

    by Founder on September 9, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    That’s right.

    So blacks are oppressed in America? This is why you are choosing not to stand for the National Anthem?

    What color is the President of the United States? Oh, but blacks are oppressed.

    How much money does the loser Kaepernick make for playing football? $12 million? Oh, but blacks are oppressed.

    You may have a point though because blacks are oppressed – by the Democrats, Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama.

    It is the pathetic power hungry Democrat policies that have oppressed blacks for the past 40 years.

    People like Obama and Hillary Clinton want blacks shackled in the chains of welfare, food stamps and government dependency – all because they think they will vote for them.

    If you are black don’t be fooled by the government, Obama or Hillary – they could care less about you.

    What has Obama done for the black race since he has been in office?

    You have record unemployment within your race.

    You have record destruction of the family unit causing record numbers of single moms raising children without their father.

    You have record drop out levels in the dilapidated public school system putting millions out into the streets with a poor education and lack of work skills.

    But the Democrats do not care – they want you just like you are.

    The Democrats do not think you are smart – they feel if they offer you a bunch of free stuff that you will blindly vote for them and they can stay in power – getting rich off of you.

    They are weighing you down. They are preventing you from achieving the American dream – all so they can stay in power and live like Kings and Queens. How do you feel about this?

    So, you are right – blacks are suppressed and oppressed – but just not by whom you think.

    It is not the American flag that is oppressing blacks and it is not the American way of life but rather it is sick psychopaths like George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who are pushing you down – you need to wake up to these facts.

    The American flag stands for freedom and liberty.

    Over the past 9 decades hundreds of thousands of men and women have died on the battle field defending our flag – defending your freedom.

    By standing for the National Anthem you are respecting their actions and their lives.

    The millennials of today do not know our history nor do they know of the battlefield.

    Everything is warm and cushy for them – they want safe spaces and no gun zones – these people have no clue as to the sacrifices made in their honor by our brave men and women in the military.

    It doesn’t help that the scum Obama has talked down about the military, our history, our battles, our sacrifices and not to mention his support of Black Lives Matter.

    Obama has done nothing but feed into the notion that it is ok to NOT stand for our National Anthem.

    Do you want our great country to continue it’s dive into mediocrity and lack of Patriotism? Then vote for the vile Hillary.

    If you want to make America great again – then vote Trump 2016.

    Nuff said.

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