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  • More Terrorist Attacks Thanks to Obama and Hillary

    by Founder on September 19, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and the pathetic Hillary – we just saw three more terrorist attacks on America – and they are both very hesitant to call them as such.

    Obama and Hillary’s philosophy is to just let as many Muslims into the country as they possibly can – and yet these are the people who are the ones who will commit the terrorist attacks.

    Obama’s mask has been removed long ago – Hillary’s mask was removed when she called patriotic hard working Americans “deplorables” – so what’s up? Do you still want to vote for the vile Hillary?

    Hillary will just continue Obama’s treason – yet you want to vote for her?

    Obama should have been impeached long ago for all of his treasonous actions – but no one has the balls to do it – and the media is complicit making it that much harder to achieve.

    As Obama and Hillary let the Muslims pour into America the chances of continuous terrorist attacks keeps rising and rising.

    Obama doesn’t care – he wants America destroyed.

    Hillary is just so blind with her hunger to be president and to retain power – that she is blind to what is going on. She could care less.

    Bomb attacks in Ny and Nj plus a mass stabbing in Minnesota – this is just the beginning folks.

    There are most likely over 100,000 radical Muslims living here in America thanks to Obama’s policies.

    They are ready to kill, bomb and cause terror. They are planning it and they will do it – mark my words.

    The only way America can be destroyed is from within and Obama has done all he can to make this happen.

    Obama and Hillary must hate their children – they are transforming this great country into an unlivable environment over run by lawlessness and radical Muslims – and they want their own children to live in this squalor.

    Obama and Hillary should be rotting in jail – but America is so over run with radicals, the complicit media and those who simply hate all that America stands for – that it may be too late.

    This is why this particular election may decide America’s fate.

    You MUST vote for Trump – he is our only chance.

    As long as there is not massive voter fraud – or the cancelling of the election through Marshall Law – then trump should win by an 80/20 count – the corrupt Hillary has no chance.

    Trump will get in and see how the books have been cooked for Obama’s entire term. He will expose Obama for the massive fraud that he is.

    Trump will rid Washington of all the scum that have slithered into town thanks to Obama.

    Trump will have all of the scum prosecuted and thrown in jail who have been robbing and stealing from the taxpayers for the last 8 years.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for the future of your children.

    Wake up people. Vote Trump 2016 and make America survive for another 200+ years.

    God bless America.

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