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  • Obama an Embarrassment to the African American Community

    by Founder on September 22, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Can you imagine?

    At the end of America’s first African American’s Presidential term – we are scratching our heads and wondering – what happened?

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to end all racism?

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to bridge the gap between whites and blacks?

    Didn’t Obama promise to be the great unifier?

    Instead at the end of Obama’s second term – he has successfully destroyed race relations in America.

    Obama has taken the side of Black Lives Matter – a radical racist group that wants to create havoc, disruption and chaos.

    Obama has gone against the hard working police of our nation – pitting them against the black race.

    The riots we have seen in Ferguson, Baltimore and now Charlotte – are NOT indicative of who America is – nor is it indicative of the majority of African Americans in our great country.

    Obama has abandoned the black race by sabotaging their inner city education system, by luring them into thinking that the government can supply all of their needs and by brainwashing them into thinking the police are out to get them.

    Obama clearly will go down in history as the most divisive, racist President who ever held office – and yet the brain dead media cheers him on every step of the way.

    Obama and the Democrats have bound the black race into the chains of poverty and government dependence – all in the name of keeping their votes only to remain in power.

    The majority of blacks in our great country are hard working, church going good people who believe in a good education and family values.

    The majority of blacks in our great country hate what is going on in Charlotte. This is not a reflection of who they are.

    Most African Americans want good jobs, a safe neighborhood and the opportunity to better themselves and their family.

    It is time for the great African Americans of this country to turn their backs on the Democrat party. As Trump says “what have you got to lose”?

    The Dems have already proven they do not care about you, your children, your education or your family. This is clear. So why stick with them?

    Trump cannot make it any worse for you – this is what he means.

    Trump is asking you to give him a chance – he will rescue you from what Obama and the Dems have done to you.

    Trump will give you the opportunity to walk safely in your neighborhoods, work hard to better yourselves financially and to offer a better life to your family.

    Listen to what Trump is saying. Hillary could care less about you. She is a pathetic liar who only cares about her money and her power.

    Give Trump a chance – you will be glad you did – for generations to come.

    Vote Trump in November 2016!

    God bless America.

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