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  • Trump Crushes Hillary in First Debate

    by Founder on September 28, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Yeah, I know the main stream media thinks Hillary “won”.

    And yeah I know all the brain dead Hillary supporters think Hillary “won”.

    But I know better.

    Trump had some great moments and Trump had some rambling moments – he will do better in the second debate.

    His great moments were when he constantly highlighted that the pathetic Hillary has been in government for the past 30 years and she has done NOTHING!

    Trump pointed out that Hillary wants to raise your taxes and increase regulations against small business.

    Trump brought up that Hillary deleted 33,000 emails! What was in those emails hey Hillary?

    Trump is not a perfect candidate – no one ever was. But the choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton, really?

    Hillary should be rotting in jail somewhere right next to Obama – but the government is so corrupt that will never happen – at least now it won’t.

    Hillary attacked Trump for his tax returns, for his comments about women and for his business dealings – but that’s all she has.

    Hillary has nothing else – she blew her load during that first debate – but Trump has a full holster of additional information on her.

    Hillary needed the pathetic lib Lester Holt to do battle for her.

    It was Trump against Hillary and Lester Holt.

    The people are not stupid. Trump has a huge ground swell of people just like you and I who are sick and tired of life long politicians screwing the American people just so they can stay in power.

    The people can see through Hillary’s crap.

    Trump clearly pointed out that Hillary is a political hack who for decades has been saying how she can fix everything wrong with government – but has never taken action to do so.

    Trump just has to keep pounding these points.

    As far as they meaningless points Hillary brings up – Trump should just respond with a “so what”!

    Who cares? We are talking about the future of America!

    Who cares about how Trump has spoken to some women in the past?

    Who cares if Trump has not been perfect in his business dealings in the past?

    Who cares about Trump’s tax returns? It is all irrelevant!

    What is important is how Trump can rid Washington of the corruption and turn this country around from the blatant disaster that Obama has created.

    It only matters what Trump believes about the economy, illegal immigration, our trade deals and government corruption.

    Trump is the clear choice if you love your children.

    If you want your kids to have a chance in life – filled with the proper education and economic opportunities – the Trump is the only choice.

    Trump crushed Hillary in this first debate.

    Hillary looked beaten and not quite used to someone taking her on like Trump did. And she aint seen nothing yet.

    Trump should meet with his people, review his not so good moments – clean out all the excess chaff he brought up and hammer this bitch on the real issues.

    Hillary has so much against her Trump doesn’t even need to respond to her barbs – just keep beating her down and keep attacking her with all her downfalls – there is no way the country will elect Hillary based on all she has done (and not done).

    Vote Trump to protect America.

    Vote Trump to give your kids a chance.

    Vote Trump to make America great again.

    Trump 2016!

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