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  • Presidential Election Exposing Low Intelligence of Average American

    by Founder on October 13, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    The Hillary Clinton campaign is targeting those Americans who just not that smart.

    She even calls them a “bucket of losers” in her Goldman Sachs speech – but her supporters don’t seem to mind – or more likely, they simply aren’t paying attention.

    You can listen to Hillary supporters – those who are presumably smart people – and the more they talk the more you find out just how clueless they are.

    Hillary supporters are drinking the Hillary kool aid which makes them believe anything and everything that the media tells them about Trump – and to NOT believe anything negative they hear about Clinton.

    This is a very bad situation.

    Hillary Clinton is a disgusting, vile person who is corrupt to the bone.

    Her email scandal has proven, without a doubt, that she is corrupt and that the media is working with her to get her elected. But this doesn’t seem to bother her supporters.

    Trump is the last chance for America.

    Obama for the past 8 years has done all he can to destroy the American dream – and in that sense he has succeeded.

    Obama has caused tremendous division between the races and the economic classes – this was done intentionally. But he was able to get away with this crap because he was voted in twice but a severely dumbed down electorate. And Hillary is taking advantage of these same people.

    The Democrats are taking advantage of the entire black community – by dumbing down their education and strangling them by keeping them dependent on the government – but this is how the Dems work.

    The Democrats are taking advantage of women by playing the woman card – vote for Hillary because she is a woman – an millions of women fall for this crap.

    The only saving grace is my hope that the people will rise up.

    We the People must rise up and vote liberalism out of Washington forever.

    The Trump phenomenon is fueled by the people being sick and tired of government corruption – and the Clinton’s are synonymous with corruption.

    Trump speaks for all the true, educated Americans who are sick and tired of illegal immigration, government corruption, payoffs, bribes, racism fueld by the government, foreign policy failures and outright lying to the people.

    The American people know that Hillary should be in jail for putting the country at risk by sending very classified emails through her public server – those of which have already been hacked and are in the possession of many different countries.

    If Hillary gets elected get ready for war with Russia – and the future of this country would be severely in doubt.

    Listening to Hillary supporters they sound so stupid.

    They buy into all the crap and distractions about Trump’s personal life – actually thinking that this is worse than Clinton’s many crimes against the people.

    I implore you to vote for Trump IF you love your children and you want them to have all the opportunities that America has to offer.

    If you vote for Clinton get ready for open borders – who is going to pay for these people? You?

    If you vote for Clinton get ready for an influx of hundreds of thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees many of whom want to destroy our great country.

    If you vote for Hillary get ready for your taxes to go up.

    If you vote for Hillary get ready for the stripping of our rights and of our great Constitution.

    If Hillary gets in we will have a President who is a criminal, simple as that.

    God bless America.


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