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  • A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Fraud and Corruption

    by Founder on November 3, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    Who, in good conscience, would possibly vote for Hillary Clinton?

    What is the matter with these people?

    Are you mentally deranged?

    Are you uneducated?

    Do you simply NOT follow what is happening concerning her crimes?

    Do you hate your children so much that you wish them a depressing future?

    Do you hate America that much?

    You need to ask yourself these questions.

    If you vote for Hillary Clinton there is something wrong with you.

    Hillary has been involved in corruption since the early 1990′s. Whatever she has done has been for the purpose of enriching herself with either money or power – and this is the person who you would vote for?

    It has clearly been proven that the head of her campaign, John Podesta, is the lowest of the low – coordinating any rigging he possibly can to allow Hillary to become president of the United States – Podesta needs to be rotting in jail.

    It has been shown that the scum Donna Brazile – actually leaked Hillary debate questions – ahead of the debates! Obvious cheating and rigging!

    It has been shown that Peter Kadzik of the DOJ gave Hillary’s campaign a “heads up” that there would be an investigation into her use of a private server as Secretary of State. Clearly showing that the DOJ is as corrupt as the Clintons.

    It has been shown that the head of the DOJ, Loretta Lynch, met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Arizona one week prior to the FBI’s decision. This is outrageous and a clear attempt at rigging the system in Hillary’s favor.

    It has been also shown that Hillary had paid supporters to go to trump rallies and cause a disruption – this is again outrageous and is highly unethical and illegal. She should be in jail for inciting this type of violence and trying to hide her actions.

    It has been shown that she lied right to the face of the parents of the 4 dead Benghazi heroes – while at their funeral! This is a disgusting display by a vile horrible human being.

    Further, most recently, she is now under investigation – in 5 different FBI locations for her fraudulent pay for play Clinton Foundation – selling away our national security to the highest bidders. A disgusting display of treason which should land her in jail.

    In addition, after she got a subpoena from Congress to turn over ll of her emails from her private server – she, two days later, had 33,000 of those emails bleached with acid wash – thus deleting them forever (or so she thought).

    Now her closest confidant, Huma Abedin, has been implicated in another matter and all of Hillary’s 33,000 emails may be on her laptop. Wouldn’t that be juicy?

    What more do you fools need? This is the person you want to be President of the United States?

    Yes, Trump says some awkward things – but he at least loves America.

    Trump stands for no more illegal immigrants, lower taxes, repealing ObamaCare, cutting business regulations, building up our military after Obama destroyed it and building a wall along our Southern border – I love it all and can only pray that this man restores America back to the great country we were prior to Obama.

    If you vote in Hillary – NOTHING will change except it will get worse. There will be open borders with illegals flooding our country even more than they are now. Our taxes will go up from the ridiculous levels they are already at.

    America would become Venezuela if Hillary is elected.

    I know that you low level idiots who support Hillary/Obama have no clue what it is like in Venezuela – but for once do a little research and open your eyes!

    God bless America.

    Indict Hillary and throw her along with her minions in jail.



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