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  • Trump’s Cabinet Picks

    by Founder on December 22, 2016

    in Voice of the People

    The swamp has officially been drained. With these selections Trump has a good start on draining the slithering anti-American scum from Washington – only thing is there are alot more of them in the Congress and House – the voters will take care of this over time. Check out his current picks.

    Secretary of State – Rex W. Tillerson Mr. Trump’s choice is the president and chief executive of Exxon Mobil, whose ties with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin may make him  the perfect pick – makes Kerry and Clinton look like more trash than they already are.

    Interior Secretary – Ryan Zinke Mr. Trump has selected Montana’s freshman representative, a former Navy SEAL commander who was an early supporter of the president-elect and ran for office largely on a national security platform.

    Energy Secretary – Rick Perry Mr. Trump has selected the former Texas governor, who in 2011 proposed scrapping the Energy Department while he was seeking the Republican nomination for president.

    Labor Secretary – Andrew F. Puzder Mr. Trump’s expected choice is the chief executive of CKE Restaurants — and a donor to his campaign — who has criticized the Obama administration’s labor policies.

    Small Business Administrator – Linda McMahon Mr. Trump has selected the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment to lead the agency. Ms. McMahon, a Senate candidate from Connecticut, was with her husband, Vince, one of Mr. Trump’s biggest donors. Go WWE!

    EPA Administrator – Scott Pruitt Mr. Trump has selected the Oklahoma attorney general, who is a close ally of the fossil fuel industry. Perfect pick to scrap most of the business choking regulations Obama put in place.

    Homeland Security Secretary – John F. Kelly Mr. Trump has named the retired four-star Marine general, whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan.

    Defense Secretary – James N. Mattis Mr. Trump announced at a rally that he had selected General “Maddog” Mattis, who led a Marine division to Baghdad during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and led the United States Central Command from 2010-13. General Mattis, now retired, has been a critic of the Obama administration. He would need a waiver from Congress to lead the Pentagon because he has been out of uniform for less than seven years. This guy will kick ass!

    Treasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Mnuchin, who served as his campaign finance chairman. Mr. Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has deep roots in Hollywood but no government experience – which is exactly what is needed.

    Transportation Secretary – Elaine L. Chao Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Chao, the labor secretary under President George W. Bush. Ms. Chao, who is married to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has been a fixture of the Republican establishment in Washington.

    Health and Human Services Secretary – Tom Price Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Price, a six-term Republican congressman from Georgia and orthopedic surgeon who has led opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Price has said the law interferes with the ability of patients and doctors to make medical decisions – and he will hopefully get rid of the business choking monstrocity.

    White House Council – Donald F. McGahn II – Mr. Trump has chosen Mr. McGahn, who served as general counsel for the Trump campaign. Mr. McGahn, a Washington lawyer who pushed to deregulate campaign finance and election laws, served on the Federal Election Commission for five years.

    Commerce Secretary – Wilbur Ross - Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Ross, an investor whose fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $2.9 billion. Mr. Ross has said the United States must free itself from the “bondage” of “bad trade agreements,” and has advocated threats to impose steep tariffs on China. Time for trade agreements that don’t screw America.

    Education Secretary – Betsy DeVos – Mr. Trump has selected Ms. DeVos, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and an education activist who is a passionate believer in school choice, as his nominee.

    UN Ambassador – Nikki R. Haley - Mr. Trump has selected Ms. Haley, the governor of South Carolina, as his nominee. The daughter of immigrants from India, she was a prominent and frequent critic of Mr. Trump early in his run but Trump knows she can get the job done.

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Ben Carson - Mr. Trump has selected the former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate to be his nominee to lead HUD. Mr. Carson had previously said he did not want to work in government which makes him the ideal man for the job.

    CIA Director – Mike Pompeo - Mr. Trump has selected Mr. Pompeo, representative of Kansas and a former Army officer, as his nominee. Mr. Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence Committee and was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton during the congressional investigation into the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

    Attorney General – Jeff Sessions - Mr. Trump has selected Senator Sessions, of Alabama, as his nominee. Mr. Sessions is a strong proponent of strict immigration enforcement, reduced spending and tough-on-crime measures. His nomination for a federal judgeship in 1986 was rejected because of racially charged comments and actions which offended the pathetic liberal crowd – this choice is a real man vs. the loser Eric Holder and the liar Loretta Lynch. This guy will enforce the law.

    National Security Advisor – Michael T. Flynn – Mr. Trump has selected the retired Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. General Flynn has been outspoken about his view of the threat posed by Islamist militancy and was an ardent supporter of Mr. Trump during the campaign.

    White House Chief of Staff – Reince Priebus - Mr. Trump announced on Nov. 13 that he had chosen Mr. Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    Chief Strategist – Stephen K. Bannon – Also on Nov. 13, Mr. Trump announced the appointment of Mr. Bannon, a successful media executive and the chairman of the president-elect’s campaign. This is a great move to piss off the panzy lib crowd as he is ready to get down to business.

    God bless America and our brave military.

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