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  • Obama Out – America In!

    by Founder on January 20, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    I have been waiting for this day for 8 long years.

    In fact, it was Obama’s first election that prompted me to purchase this domain and begin to chronicle exactly how Obama attempted to destroy our great country.

    From his many scandals – IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Syria red line, the purported death of Osama bin Laden, Black Lives Matters, Occupy, the “bailouts”, his racial division and on and on it goes.

    Obama was a complete disaster for America – but to her credit America held strong and is still standing after the Obama onslaught.

    I am so happy this person is done – as I have two small children – and with Obama now gone, my children have a chance in this life.

    They will not be doomed for a dismal, Socialist future – one that would have been dull, drab and lacking opportunity – in a Socialist geared economy. This is now all done.

    In the words of the pathetic, lying liberal Chris Matthews – when I watched the Trump inauguration – I too felt “a chill up my leg”.

    I felt that America was back.

    There were no rap singers spewing their filth on the stage – there were beautiful, patriotic songs.

    There was no inclusion of all religions and lifestyles – there was a celebration of God and the saying of many prayers – in fact the most prayers ever at an inauguration.

    It was a beautiful ceremony – especially when Trump and his family stopped at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial and looked up in utter respect and devotion to this great man.

    I believe Trump was humbled at that moment and could only wish that he could live up to the likes of Abe Lincoln.

    It is now time for America to shine again.

    It is now time to be proud you are an American again.

    It is now time to put America first once again.

    Hopefully Trump will put into action his true American vision and ideals and wipe out anything and everything Obama ever put into place.

    Stop all illegal immigration.

    Deport all illegals who are here who have committed a crime.

    Bring back jobs with a lower tax rate.

    Clean up the entitlement programs – cut out the waste and fraud.

    Drastically cut the size of the Federal government and rid Washington of the lifelong leeches who are sucking off the tax payers.

    Rid Washington of the incredible waste that the lobbyists instill on the budget.

    Closely watch every penny spent by the Federal government – challenge all contracts and see if you can get a better deal.

    Cancel and renegotiate all trade deals America has with other countries – renegotiate them to favor America – not to screw us.

    Rid Washington and the Federal government of all the dirty, corrupt, anti-American appointees that Obama has slithered into place.

    Clean it up Donald and make our country great again.

    Welcome Donald Trump as our 45th President of the United States.

    Adios Obama and don’t let the doorr hit you in the ass on the way out – and by the way, take your America hating wife with you. Adios amigo.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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