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  • Trump’s Immigration Policies

    by Founder on January 30, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    I love it.

    The left is FREAKING out over Trump’s immigration orders.

    Yet, these are basically the same orders that Obama gave.

    Obama is the one who came up with the list of the 7 countries that have the ban – but the pathetic, dumbo libs don’t care about facts.

    This is the same order Obama gave concerning the Iraqi’s but when Obama did it – there was no outcry by the libs – because, well, it was Obama.

    Now Trump does exactly what he says he was going to do – and the pathetic, brain dead libs across the country have a major freak out.

    I love watching this occur.

    Most people throughout the country are cheering Trump on – but because the media is all libs – they make it seem as if the whole country is freaking out.

    Believe me people, the whole country is for what is happening.

    Just the fact that you have all these protests and the media doesn’t know what to do – shows that this move is needed and even much more needs to be done.

    All these protesters – who are they? Are the legal or illegal? Simple question.

    If they are illegal immigrants – boot them from the country.

    Those at the protests are the media and activists – financed by the old man George Soros.

    The beauty of all of this is that Trump is not flinching. He is not acting like the other weak GOP members of the past – he is not apologizing, he is not backing down – in fact he is doubling down.

    Trump is only in his 2nd week of being President and the libs have no clue as to how to handle this guy and his promised policies.

    The media and the left are not used to a “politician” actually doing what they say they are going to do – they are more used to lying, scum politicians who will say whatever they need to say to appease the people ie. Obama.

    But this is a new era.

    It is now Trump’s America.

    He is going to seal up the border whether the libs like it or not.

    He is going to build the wall whether the libs like it or not.

    He is going to repeal ObamaCare whether the libs like it or not.

    He is going to do exactly what he promised to his supporters – whether the libs like it or not.

    To me this is a beautiful show. I love to see the media and all the brain dead, pathetic lefty libs freaking out.

    Deport all the illegals or make the Democrats pay for them. have all the libs pay extra taxes to pay for the illegals – that will shut their pie holes.

    This great country needs to be cleaned out.

    Get rid of all illegals here who have committed a crime.

    Get rid of all illegals who are gang members.

    Stop all illegal refugees from entering this counytry – unless you libs want to put them up in your homes and pay all their expenses.

    It all makes sense.

    It is an economic issue – nothing else.

    Who will pay for these people? Not me. Not the government – not any more.

    Wake up you brain dead libs.

    Time to take America back from the scum libs.

    Sorry :)

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