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  • Obama’s Real Birth Kenyan Certificate

    by Founder on March 10, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    Yes he was the worst President in America’s history.

    Yes he hated the middle class.

    Yes he was a racist POS.

    Yes he divided the country along race and income lines.

    Yes he sold out America with all of his treasonous trade deals.

    Yes he created ISIS through his anti-American foreign policies.

    Yes he is a radical Muslim born in Kenya who hates America.

    Yes he submitted a fake birth certificate to the American people.

    Yes he is a lying POS loser who should be rotting in jail.

    If you believe this loser was born in America you must be a stupid, brain dead lib, right lib?

    Click on the link to see his REAL birth certificate that shows he was NOT born in America.


    Go Trump Go!!!

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