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  • American People Sick and Tired of Washington Politics

    by Founder on March 25, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    Well, Donald Trump attempted to repeal ObamaCare – but to no avail.

    Not one Democrat voted for the repeal and they could only get 200 votes in the House for the repeal.

    Trump is saying this could be the best thing that could happen – it is now time to let ObamaCare fail on its own – unfortunately it is the American people who have to suffer the consequences.

    Trump had a 3 phase plan to revamp the health care system but the RINOS and the sick Dems wanted nothing to do with it.

    Trump wanted to pass whatever these losers would initially accept and then add changes to it later but this plan did not work.

    I say throw Chuck Schumer in jail – he is doing all he can to destroy Trump’s Presidency and halt any changes he can halt.

    The Dems are doing NOTHING for the American people – rather they only exist to thwart Trump and his plans.

    Throw Nancy Pelosi in jail as well – she is an old, senile wreck of a washed up rag politician – who does not care about the American people.

    America is sick and tired of these asshole politicians.

    They do not care about you and me.

    They only care about keeping their power.

    Trump should now do anything and everything he can to piss of f these pathetic politicians.

    Call Chuck Schumer’s office and express your displeasure with his antics. This person will someday rot in hell.

    The American people need to once again rise up and stand with Donald Trump.

    Look at what Washington is doing to try and destroy his agenda and his Presidency.

    The sick Obama is hiding in the dark trying to rally all his supporters to destroy Trump’s Presidency.

    Trump must prevail in his agenda to save America.

    This is how sick and corrupt Washington is. They are trying to purge this outsider (Trump) from Washington.

    These politicians are so settled in and their corruption is so necessary to their existence that they are doing all they can do to stop Trump’s agenda.

    But remember it is “We the People” who voted him in.

    We must vote the Dems out of office.

    We must vote out of office the RINOS who are against Trump.

    Trump will now try to pass his tax cuts – will Washington be against this?

    We will see.

    Trump needs to get Gorsuch through and challenge – in the Supreme Court – his travel ban from terrorist countries.

    Trump needs to double down big time on deporting illegal immigrants.

    Trump needs to pass voter ID laws to prevent illegals from voting as this is the only way a loser like Hillary can claim she got the popular vote.

    I love that Trump won. The libs are so pissed off – it is a pleasure to watch.

    The media is corrupt. Washington is corrupt – but the party is over.

    Trump needs to appoint all the CONSERVATIVE anti lb judges he can – and start flooding the system with prop America judges – the opposite of what the sick Obama did.

    We the People must gain control back of our country. We must rid Washington of the anti America losers like Schumer and Pelosi and many others who are clinging to their corrupt positions.

    God bless America.



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