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  • Dems/Libs Trying to Destroy Trump’s Agenda

    by Founder on May 17, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    The Democrats aka pathetic libs – are doing nothing now but obstructing Trump and the American people.

    The Dems could care less that 63 MILLION people voted for Trump.

    They could care less that America hangs in the balance.

    The Democrats are SICK vile individuals who wish to destroy all that America is and was.

    The Democrats are still reeling from losing the election in dramatic fashion.

    They still cannot believe it – and instead of doing all they can to ram through their Socialist policies – they are doing all they can to STOP pro-American policies.

    They are stopping the repeal of the ObamaCare scam.

    They are stopping lower taxes.

    They are stopping Trump’s attempt to ban terrorists from entering the country.

    They are stopping the construction of the border wall.

    In the mean time, the sick liberal media is on a full fledged mission to destroy Trump and all he stands for.

    The media is making up the stories about Russian interference in the election.

    The media is making up stories about the ouster of Comey.

    The media is screaming for Trump’s impeachment.

    When it was OBAMA the douche bag who committed act after act of TREASON – and it is OBAMA who should have been impeached.

    American politics are destroying the American way of life and the future of our great country.

    Democrats have no interest in helping the American people – they are all obsessed with destroying Trump and hijacking his agenda.

    Are you going to let the media determine our future?

    People like the asshole Colbert or Bill Mahar or any of those pussy TV comedians who do nothing but ridicule the Presidency. When if anyone did this to Obama? Oh they would be up in arms.

    I say clean house! Get rid of these assholes in government who could care less about us and only care about their power, pay and pension.

    America is sick of politics. We voted Trump in with 63 MILLION votes – legitimate votes – and we can’t get anything done?

    This is a shame.

    My children’s future is at stake and all that happens is bickering, lying and corruption in Washington.

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

    How can all these libs be so stupid? And so against America?

    Please join us as we stand up for Trump and the agenda we expect to go through.

    God bless America.

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