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  • Fake Russia/Obstruction Probe ONLY Designed to Stop Trump’s Agenda

    by Founder on June 16, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    The Democrats are sick brainless people.

    They cannot see the massive destruction they are doing every day to our great country.

    The Russia probe is a fake made up, baseless scam to occupy Trump’s time, attempt to humiliate him and stop the people’s agenda dead in it’s tracks.

    The Dems should be thrown in jail for this treason.

    The leaders lie and obstruct everything Trump is trying to do.

    This shows how deep the corrupt establishment is and how desperate they are to keep their “power”.

    Trump is doing what the people sent him there to do 0 to drain the Washington swamp of these faithless, lifeless corrupt politicians who are standing against America.

    Imagine the Dems are wasting all this money and time only because they lost the election.

    The Dem fools yelling “impeachment” have nothing to stand on – Trump has done nothing that would be deemed impeachable – whereas Obama committed impeachable acts constantly – yet no outcry.

    This is the pathetic Dem playbook. These people need to be eradicated from Washington once and for all.

    There is no evidence of Trump being associated with Russia in any way and there is no evidence of any type of obstruction going on – yet the Dems push it and push it – all to no avail.

    Trumpo is winning and Trump has already won.

    He is dismantling Obama’s sick agenda and slowly but surely restoring some justice and Constitutional behavior back into Washington.

    Trump has gained the confidence of our world allies – unlike Obama who pushed them all away.

    The Dems are wasting so much time and money on this useless witch hunt.

    Please rise up again as we did to vote Trump in – and vow to vote OUT all the sleazy Dems who are trying to stop our agenda.

    We need to take our country back again and by Trump being elected it exposed Washington for the sick, corrupt town that we knew it was.

    This is all a ruse by the weak Dems to stop Trump from doing what he was sent there to do.

    He needs to get another term. He cannot be one and done.

    Trump needs to get re-elected and he should start on it right now.

    With two Trump terms we will be able to permanently weed out most of the scum in Washington – those who hate America.

    The rats have been exposed as violent, racist, foul mouthed children who cannot accept defeat.

    God bless Trump and support him all you can.

    Deport all illegals.

    Put a ban on terrorists entering our great country.

    Build the wall.

    Lower our taxes.

    Revamp the scam ObamaCare.

    Take care of us Trump – and rid the scum Obama and his policies from our lives forever.

    God bless America.

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