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  • Media, Dems and Washington Elite Doing All They Can to Stop Trump and America’s Agenda

    by Founder on August 2, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    The media is complicit.

    The disgusting anti-America Dems are complicit.

    The sick RINO’S and Washington elite are complicit – all complicit in attempting to stop Trump from doing what he was voted in to do.

    Trump is doing a fantastic job – it’s just that the sick media/Dems do NOT report anything positive about America or Trump’s progress.

    Trump has already successfully:

    • Greatly reduced illegal immigration – the illegals are very hesitant to even enter the country now.
    • The stock market is hitting new highs every week – all in the anticipation of tax cuts and an overall confidence in the economy because the Commie/Socialist Obama is done.
    • Trump is drastically cutting regulations that have strangled businesses for the past 8 years.
    • The Attorney general Sessions is putting a major hurt on illegals who are criminals and simply deporting their illegal ass out of our great country.
    • sessions is also going to attack all the leaks coming from the Trump White House and rid more left over Obama scum from the swamp.
    • Manufacturing, jobs and energy are all very positive and growing under the very new and fresh Trump economy.
    • Our standing in the world is now stronger as the weak Obama is now out and Trump is in.

    All of this is getting accomplished despite the all out effort by the pathetically stupid media, the out of touch Dems and the Washington elite who all want Trump out – and see him as a person who will destroy any power they have or have had.

    The media and the Dems keep pushing this fake Russian crap – only because their supporters are stupid enough to believe it – they want to believe it.

    The Russian thing has died out now they will focus on something else.

    Do you know how much time and money has been wasted on trying to connect Trump to Russia? It must be in the hundreds of millions by now considering all the time, lawyers, investigations and other crap that has been paid for by the tax payers.

    The elite have stopped Trump from dismantling Obamacare – even the Republican controlled House and Senate cannot repeal ObamaCare – very sad.

    Republicans who voted against the repeal should be voted out of office at the first chance and replaced with true Americans who want a better future NOT some government controlled future.

    The Senate is useless. The House is useless. They all seem way to concerned about their own power and abilities to live a corrupt life under the guise of trying to help the American tax payer.

    We have a tough situation now. Trump is battling against all but those who voted him in.

    Those supposed Trump supporters who aren’t happy with him – they are only buying into and feeding into the pathetic media drum roll. They have no clue what is really going on. Do NOT believe anything the media tells you – simple as that – make up your own mind about what is going on – do your own research – don’t fall for the false facade.

    God bless Trump.

    Stand up to the losers and the swamp. Speak your mind.

    Don’t let America get taken over by outsiders like Obama tried to allow.

    Stand for America. Stand for our values and principles.

    God less America.

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