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  • Anti-Trump Protestors Simply Have No Life!

    by Founder on August 15, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    Let’s face it – the protestors need to get a life.

    Who has the time to spend protesting?

    Who has the time to commit acts of violence and vandalism?

    Who has the time to march in protest rallies?

    The answer is those who support the Democrats.

    The Republican supporters are working.

    The Republican supporters are raising their families the best they can.

    The Republican supporters are busy living their life!

    The recent Charlottesville racial clashes are a great example of these people having no life.

    What are they doing out there?

    Are they contributing anything to society when they are not “protesting”?

    They are protesting about a statue? About displaying our history?

    Who has enough time to be “offended” by a statue? Are you serious?

    This is how you wish to spend your pathetic life? Upset at a statue?

    Why not get busy building a business? Or get a job and start a career. Do something and stop being such a drain on society.

    Trump responds to the racial violence and the “left” is not happy with what Trump said. You people are very sad, pathetic individuals.

    It doesn’t matter what Trump said you fools would never be happy or satisfied.

    When the protestors are done for the day what do they do? Where do they go? Do they rest up for the next day of protests?

    Do they have any concern as to where their next meal is coming from, or how to pay their rent?

    Or is all of this covered by the government – the Democrats and Republicans who don’t mind that there is a whole class of leech protestors who contribute nothing to society – except vote for the slimy Democrats.

    What a sad statement on American society now that there are all of these people who are angry and just want to cause problems/violence etc.

    If we the people do not keep a Republican as President during the next cycle I am afraid that you will see the radical Dems/Progressives/Socialists kick their agenda into gear – regardless of the law.

    Trump must stay in power. He is doing a kick ass job even though it is not being reported.

    The pathetic Dems and their legion of monkeys are doing all they can to stop Trump and the people’s agenda. Yet Trump continues to chip away at the debacle that was Obama and his policies.

    It is all good behind the scenes.

    Do NOT believe anything you hear on TV. Do your own research – search out the truth the best you can.

    Trump is drastically cutting illegal immigration, creating jobs, building our military and stockpiling Conservatives into the judicial system including the Supreme Court.

    He is creating law and order again through AG Sessions, throwing MS-13 members out of the country, cutting business strangling regulations, increasing our energy production and pulling us out of Obama agreements that were against America’s best interest.

    You get the picture.

    We need to speak up and vote against the sick protestors who have no life.

    We must stand for the greatness of America.

    God bless America and our troops.

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