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  • Democrats Have No Plans, No Policies – The Party of Losers!

    by Founder on August 24, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    What are the Democrats doing right now? Anything productive?

    Have you heard any Democrat come out with a new policy? Anything that would improve the economy, our borders or our country?

    What are they doing other than trying to tear apart the president of the United States?

    Why would anyone vote Democrat? What are you voting for?

    Who are the Democrat “leaders”? What are they doing to better our country?

    Who are the Democrat supporters?

    • Rioters
    • Protesters
    • Antifa
    • Anti-American fools
    • Those on government welfare, food stamps and Section 8
    • The main stream media
    • Uneducated fools who stare at their phones all day
    • Illegal Immigrants
    • Racist Black Lives Matters fools

    This is who support the pathetic Democrats.

    Who supports the Republicans?

    • Hard working tax payers
    • Those who love America
    • The middle class
    • Rural America
    • 60 Million hard working Americans who voted for Trump

    The only reason to vote Democrat is:

    • You are on the government dole and you want to stay there
    • You are an illegal immigrant who does not want to assimilate into American society
    • You hate America
    • You believe in open borders
    • You think health care is free

    The way to tell Trump is doing a fantastic job is that all you hear and read is how bad Trump is.

    This is the media pushing the liberal doctrine.

    This is the left freaking out.

    This is the elites in Washington freaking out.

    Trump is not beholden to anyone but the 60 million people who voted for him – that’s it.

    Trump is such poison to the establishment they just don’t know how to handle him.

    I firmly believe Trump will get a 2nd term and there is nothing the pathetic, anti-American libs can do about it.

    Illegal immigration is down 50%.

    Regulations have been slashed.

    The Vets are being finally treated with respect – versus the contempt that Obama had for them.

    Conservative, America loving judges are being appointed at a rapid rate.

    Now all we need is for the RINO’s in Congress (who hate America) to start siding with the people and help pass Trump’s agenda.

    Taxes need to be cut.

    The wall needs to be built.

    ObamaCare needs to be abolished.

    Can you imaging that the media and the Dems actually support the racial violence that is occurring in our great country. Of course, this was all initiated by the great racist himself – Barack Hussein Obama. And now the flames are being fanned by the America hating, lying media.

    We are getting there people.

    We got our man elected and no one said it would be easy.

    In fact I predicted right here that we would see a backlash like never seen before.

    It is like a poison in your stomach that causes convulsions.

    This is what Trump is to Washington.

    He is the poison to the corruption and filth that has slithered into Washington.

    He is slowing attempting to drain the swamp of filth that has grown in Washington and he is doing a great job.

    So hang in there – and we will vote him in for a 2nd term – and watch the leftover pathetic libs freak out.

    God bless America.



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