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  • Athletes Taking a Knee During National Anthem are Uneducated Losers!

    by Founder on September 25, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    Fire that son of a bitch!

    I completely agree with Trump on this one.

    Don’t respect our national anthem – get the hell out of our country!

    What oppression?

    We just had an African American president for 8 years.

    All of these brainless “athletes” make millions of dollars every year.

    I am agreeing that we should all boycott the pathetic NFL. No one cares about them any more.

    Their actions are against our great country. Their actions area against all those who fought and died for our freedoms.

    Why are they taking a knee? One started it now like lemmings they have to copy what he did?

    Do those taking a knee even understand why they are doing it? Can they articulate why they are doing it?

    We live in the greatest country on the planet. People here have freedoms unlike in any other country – yet they still take it all for granted.

    These athletes are way over paid and there is no way any one should take what they think or say seriously.

    Everything in our great country has been politicized – thanks to the pathetic liberal media.

    Trump is doing exactly what he promised.

    Trump is draining the Washington swamp of the trash that slithered in during Obama’s 2 terms.

    Trump is like an anecdote to a poison. The Washington establishment is in total revulsion mode now that Trump is in office.

    The media is in major freak out mode now that Trump is in office – but this is what was expected.

    Washington is so disgustingly corrupt that even both sides – Democrat and Republican want Trump out.

    But Trump is there for the people – for We the People.

    We the People respect our flag.

    We the People respect our national anthem.

    These athletes are a total embarrassment to America.

    TV ratings are going to drop drastically.

    We the People are going to stop supporting these spoiled athletes financially – stop going to games, stop buying their shirts, stop buying any and all memorabilia – just stop catering to these brainless dolts.

    Let them keep doing what they are doing and you will see a major landslide victory again for Trump in 2020.

    We the People control our country NOT a very small minority of spoiled athletes, Hollywood losers and the “main stream media”.

    We the People have spoken and we will continue to speak.

    Write to me and tell me how African Americans are so oppressed.

    This is NOT a race thing like the media wants it to be.

    This is a disrespect thing.

    Ever been to Normandy and see the cemeteries that go on as far as the eye can see? You didn’t know these people but they fought and died for YOU! Yes even you, the loser who is spitting on the flag and kneeling during our great national anthem.

    Go live in North Korea.

    Go live in China.

    Go live in Venezuela.

    Go live in Russia.

    What happened to all you Hollywood assholes who said you would leave the country if Trump were elected? That’s right you are all unfortunately still here? Why is that?

    All you pathetic whites and blacks who know nothing about our history yet you stand and support the actions of those that kneel and disrespect our country and our flag – you make me sick.

    GHet out of our great country.

    Go Trump!

    Trump 2020.

    God bless America, our veterans and our great military – they will protect you even if you are spitting on our flag – go figure.

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