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  • Trump Doing Exactly What He Was Sent to Washington to Do

    by Founder on December 9, 2017

    in Voice of the People

    The Trump presidency is turning out to be spectacular.

    He is rattling so many cages, and upsetting so many people – you know he is doing just what he said he was going to do.

    The economy is, shall I say, “booming”? All the indicators show that the economy is doing fantastic:

    • Consumer confidence is way up
    • GDP growth is over 3% – Obama had no clue as to how to achieve this
    • Unemployment is as low as it has ever been
    • Unemployment for Hispanics is the lowest it has ever been
    • The stock market is soaring and has set 86 records since Trump has been in office – only 11 months.
    • We are about to get tax relief – both for individuals and corporations.

    And on the list goes. Anyone who denies this great success is too emotional to be making any decisions anyway – ie. a lib.

    Trump is doing all the right things concerning foreign policy – standing up to these dictators throughout the world and building up our military at the same time. I like it all.

    He is allies with those who would should be allies with and he is the enemy of those we should be enemies with.

    Trump has taken on the “culture” of anti-America, anti-flag, anti-Constitution, anti-respect crowd – and begun to once again instill the values of American pride and respect for our flag.

    A welcome site to a true America loving, America born and raised citizen such as my self.

    Trump is also standing up to the sleezy media that lie at every chance they get – all in an attempt to smear Trump, remove him from office, destroy his agenda and simply mislead the majority of the public into believing their sick anti-America agenda.

    He has called out all the sleezy, lying networks for who they are.

    Trump is also fighting against the life long slime that occupy the Senate and the House. These are people who are against Trump’s agenda no matter what – even if it is good for the country.

    Trump is standing up against those (like Obama) who want to cede our power and our decision making to other countries and/or the UN.

    Trump has rolled back most of Obama’s pathetic, business choking regulations – once again allowing the economy to free itself up and grow.

    But still all of the lib morons on TV, the talk show hosts – they are all against Trump no matter what he does or what he accomplishes. How can people be this stupid?

    Trump is making the country a safer, better and more wealthy country to live in for now and the future – yet thew media and these TV people are all against him – go figure – they must have all been dropped on their heads when they were born.

    Trump is also up against this fake Russia probe – brought to you by Obama and Clinton – they are all still in great denial the Trump and the people kicked their ass and booted them from power/office. It is a meaningless, waste of money probe that will lead no where – except to less Democratic voters.

    Trump is kicking ass concerning illegal immigration – this is way down, deportations are way up – and he is heading in the right direction.

    The wall is next – then infrastructure – then health care (again) – he will get it all done folks, mark my words.

    All in all – he is doing exactly what we voted him in to do. He is slowly ridding Washington of the anti-American slime that now exists there.

    Hang tight people – America is starting to look great again.

    God bless.




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