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  • Trump Alone in a Sea of Maggots

    by Founder on January 23, 2019

    in Voice of the People

    Here they are:

    Nancy Pelosi – America hating, disgusting, government leech doing all she can to destroy our great country. Just build the freakin’ wall – who cares! It’s not “immoral” you asshole – it’s called border security.

    Chuck Schumer – another asshole who hates the country. Put this loser in the private sector and what would he be doing? Not making (stealing) the money he gets now. Screw him – he shall rot in hell right next to Nancy.

    Ocasio-Cortez – what a fuckin’ loser. She is a media created piece of shit who should be no where near our government except to stand in line for her welfare benefits. She is an uneducated disaster with the brains of a rock. Everything is “social” and “morals” with her. Screw you Ocasio!

    The main stream media – they are disgusting America hating liars! Most should be thrown in jail. If the American public wasn’t so gullible and uneducated – there is no way these media freaks would get away with what they get away with.

    Hollywood “celebrities” – I have “celebrities” in quotes – because they are only famous in their own mind. They are all liberal losers – with the likes of Jim Carey, Kathy Griffin and all the other pieces of shit who call themselves celebrities.

    The House of Representatives – filled with brainless, do as they are told Libs. None have a mind of their own as they all just follow the party line.

    Congress – over paid, worthless politicians who milk the system for all they can – with bribes, kick backs and nothing but lies and hatred for Trump.

    All Liberals – you people are pathetic, uneducated losers. You root for all that is against America. You think without concern for reason and common sense – rather everything for you losers is “feelings” and bleeding heart policy making.

    What is the matter with the wall? Trump promised it to his 60 MILLION voters – that is what is wrong with the wall. All you pathetic asshole libs know walls work – you just want everyone and anyone to come into our country – vote Dem – and hopefully get on the gravy train for life.

    Liberals are the scourge of society. Their ideas have no merit and have all proven to fail. Liberals have steadily been destroying the country for decades now. And with the voting in of these very far left libs who are screaming for Socialism – America may soon be a thing of the past – unrecognizable to those who grew up here and enjoyed the great benefits of Capitalism and American values/principles.

    You fuckin’ libs are sick people. You want uneducated, illegals to vote for you. This is your base. Your base also consists of brain dead, touchy feely college students who have been brainwashed by their loser colleges.

    It is a tough time for a true American.

    All you libs can go fuck yourselves and rot in hell.

    America is a land who welcomes all people regardless of their race, color or background – but you MUST come in LEGALLY – not  illegally! If you come in illegally we DO NOT WANT YOU! Get the fuck out.

    For all you bleeding heart libs who want illegals to pour through our borders – then YOU PAY FOR THEM!

    Trump 2020!

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