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    This site and blog represents a “Marketplace of Ideas”. It’s purpose is to allow all Americans the chance to voice their opinion – to stand up and be heard about what is happening in our government and how it effects – We the People, our children and our future.

    You may post your thoughts and opinions concerning anything you read on this site. Freedom of speech reigns supreme here yet we do not allow offensive or vulgar postings.

    Americans for the Constitution – Doesn’t the title say it all? That is what this blog is about. It is about We the People of the United States who believe in capitalism, liberty and the free market. We the People who believe in the Constitution, our freedom and the rights of our government to protect those freedoms.

    On this site you will find: opinion articles written by me, plus study the entire Constitution, get gold, silver and stock market real time pricing, click to contact your Senator and/or Representative, read relevant daily news, watch different videos of interest, order your FREE DVD on how Gold can help you, plus many links to other informative and related sites.

    We represent Americans who are not happy with the way our current government is quickly growing in size and power AND outrageously spending money – that, we as a country, simply do not have.

    We are Americans who believe that the Constitution is slipping away and that those in power are doing everything they can to “get around” the rules and regulations set forth by our founding fathers.

    Our organization fights FOR the Constitution and AGAINST the idiotic and irresponsible policies put forth by Obama and our Congress.

    We utilize a constant barrage of letters, emails and phone calls to our Congress men and women and directly to the White House.

    Please help support this effort as we fight to get common sense and the Constitution back into the White House.

    Join us today. Join us NOW! The Capitalistic and Democratic future of our great country is at stake. Use your FREEDOM. Learn about the Constitution. Make your voice heard today!

    The administrator and originator of this site? I am a 51 year old single male living and born in America. I have worked hard my whole life starting as a paper boy when I was 12 and working hard ever since. I was brought up in an all American family with loving, hard working parents who always put their family first and tried to do the right thing. I have always believed in the American dream of being able to work hard and smart to achieve financial and personal freedom.

    This blog was started because I got fed up with the way our current elected leaders are brazenly and arrogantly guiding our country towards Socialism and Fascism. When the auto bailouts were first being discussed and the American people flooded the White House and Congress with phone calls and letters adamantly AGAINST the bailout – and then the politicians go ahead and do it any way? – well, it was at that moment that I decided to take action and become part of the solution.

    I hope that you will join me as I voice my opinion and rigorously contact our elected officials and take advantage of all the rights given to me by the Constitution. Namely that I shall use my Free Speech to voice my opinion, I will assemble with other like minded American citizens and we will then Petition the government for change.

    The first step is signing in and being counted as an American who believes in the Constitution and what it stands for. Please join me today!


    Founder, Americans for the Constitution

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    Bob Bear November 12, 2012

    Wow! Its hard to believe ignorance still exists in this country likethis!
    I’m am a Vet, yeah, one of the 47% who now take after serving this country!
    The Constitution was written as aa guideline to future generations as a starting point to make the laws their generations want to live by!
    All you have to do is open your eyes and see how the Conservatives have changed in the last 50 years! Goldwater and all major Conservatives of the 60′s would never allow religious groups to bring religion into politics, even the Constitution in its wording says this in its wording because many in America escaped religious tyranny in Europe! But religion is the center piece of everything Republican and Conservative today!
    Your talk about Obama who should take some hits about programs he’s continued from the Bush administration like the Conservative Republican supported Patriot Act which is the ultimate attack on our Constitutional Rights in the last 60 years!!
    The Patriot Act is far more dangerious then Obama care, but all the Right groups bought off by millionaires only talk Obama care, nothing about the Patriot Act!
    I find groups like this just political tools for the rich who use them, cause you never hear from them when Republicans are in office and do worse against their Rights!
    Remember it was Bush who spied in Americans without a court order, and without the legal right to do so, it was Bush’s administration who lied us into a war in Iraq that killed thousands of Americans, it was the Bush administration who revealed a CIA spy over politics, it was the Bush administration who fired Federal Prosecutors for not prosecuting enough of the other political party!!!
    But sites like yours are silent on these, which shows you’re nothing but a political tool of the Right Rich!!
    Constitutional Rights only when a Democrat is President, interesting! When its a Republican President who seriously violates our Constitytion that results in thousands of dead Americans, its called Patiotism!


    David January 12, 2014

    Wow and from a vet to boot! Bush bush bush. Hands down and without a doubt obama is the worst ever and if you want to compare let’s put ALL the cards on the table and obama has them all beat. For starters let’s not forget his mentors and affiliates and then there’s the ” God dam America” church he attended for 20+ years and said he never heard such
    Things. He was elected the first time cause people thought they was getting a free ride and the second tide was because of talk of amnesty. The democratic party chose him so they could play the race card when someone didn’t agree with his policies, why not? Half the country feels guilty for being white lol and let take a look his policies… What a joke


    tonester March 8, 2015

    it makes me sick that schools are now phasing out the constitution due to commoncore.what upsets me the most is the American people sit back and do nothing thinking that it doesn’t affect me.soon if we do nothing it will be over.obama has gutted our military against anyone that will cause him trouble.we have nothing but government agencies walking all over our liberties.obama has the brown shirts kids still growing.he calls the American people stupid and worst of all congress does not a damn doesn’t matter anymore whether its the left or right its two wings of the same bird.we are in serious trouble and absolutely no one with power is coming forward to help.


    Gene McCloud February 18, 2017

    February, 2017, Its still obama and Soros pushing the riots because if Hillary would have won that would be the end of the Constitution, the elitist had it in the bag, they had all the 46 steps in place and all was left to do for the U.S. to become a communist country was for Hillary to win and when Trump won, the worst possible man to win for their thinking, they flipped and aren’t going to give it up that easy, that’s why the riots and everything they can do to destroy Trump, they been robbing the American people blind for over 40 years, were talking trillions and trillions of dollars, the Communist Democratic Party, Muslim Brotherhood, U.N., Feminine Movement, Islamic Nation, Great Britain, and many more, they all want President Trump assassinated, they want the New World Order and the enslavement of the world’s citizens and a much lower population, you probably think this is all B.S. but its not, look up Communist America.; 1943, there’s tons of info on it, all you have to do is a little research! Everyone is down on Trump, I pray nothing happens to him, a man that’s 70 years old,a billionaire and could of just enjoyed his senior years doing anything he wanted but instead he seen what was happening and loves his country so goes and runs for President, probably the worst job in the world and all he gets is grief for it and hundreds trying to kill him, the same ones that want to destroy America starting with obama, Soros,the elitist! I say we do everything we can to help him and get these anti Americans off his back and let him do his job, he’s already brought more jobs to this country than the commie obama did in eight years. Thumbs up for President Trump, he’s for the American people.


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